1982 Lamb Lead winners
Can you help me name these girls

Photo courtesy Dr. Donna (Jones) Long.

Here is the photo taken by A. V. Hill in front of the Beaver County Courthouse
in 1944. These men were taken to Oklahoma City for processing into the
Armed forces. Front row: Olman Overton, missing name, Okie Amos, Herb
Lawson, Carl Owens, Dale Jones, Earl Phelps, Clifford Goodner and Lynn
Wilmoth. 2nd row: Missing name, missing name, Lawrence Smith, missing
name, Joe Rose, Milford Roberts, missing name, missing name, Herman
Altman, Walter Potter and Melvin Revert. 3rd row: Phillip Wright, Melvin
Garrett, Glen Knight, Glenn Judd, Emerson Elston, missing name, missing
name, Jack Gregg, Doyle Chilcott, missing name, Dennis Ward, and Clarence
Wilhite. 4th row: Walter Schenelle, missing name, missing name, Marvin Wilson.
Back row: Orville Pearson, missing name, missing name, missing name,
missing name, Virgil Altman, missing name, Bob Phelps and Herb Herdricks.
Not identified are; Stanley Strong, Darrold Strong, Max Quinn, John May, Ernest Starr
Leo Carter and James Carter.


Old Photos Taken in 1900 or before or after

Recent old photos copied

What was left of the Beaver City, Oklahoma Fire, May 9th 1910. Photo courtesy Jones and Plummer Trail Museum
and Beaver County Historical Society.

This photo shows the Beaver's first courthouse. No date was on the photo. Later this courthouse burned as seen by the photo above.
hoto courtesy Jones and Plummer Trail Museum and Beaver County Historical Society.

Education day at Beaver County Fair Oct 6, 1911. Photo courtesy Jones and Plummer Trail Museum
and Beaver County Historical Society.

Beaver County Clerk’s office 1910. Pictured from the left are: Miss Albers, Miss Bertha Turner (Court Clerk), Mr.
Tom B. Braidwood, H. N. Lawson, Elmer Fickle, Mrs. Smith (Registry of Deeds, and May Fickle. Photo courtesy
Jones and Plummer Trail Museum and Beaver county Historical Society.

949 Beaver Cub Scout Troop - Front row (L to R): Tim Leonard, Don Phelps,
Dick Hendricks, Roe May, A. V. Hill and Loyd Bishop. Second row: Jerry Waldrop,
Kenneth McGowan, Keith Williams, Jim Watson, Bill Leonard, Alpha Ray Anderson,
Dennis Sharp and Ronnie Crossley. Third row: Jerry Don Sumrall, Del Wilmoth,
Kenneth Williams, Richard Judd, Donald Langley, James Cafky, Charles Harding,
Ron Hodges, Ross Hensley, Vernon Searcy and Dean (Deach)
Calhoon. Photo courtesy Loyd Bishop and Bill Leonard.

The Phelps kids in the 1920s

Pictured left are: John Phelps, seated: Mabel (Phelps) Boren, standing;
Merlee (Phelps) Lansden, standing middle; Donald Phelps and Louise
(Phelps) Ek, right. Not pictured are Nellie (Phelps) Sharp; Bob Phelps,
Carolyn (Phelps) Conner and Mary Alice (Phelps) Gregg.

Old Groendyke Truck photo in 1940's or 50's parade

Groendyke trucks lined up for parade in Beaver. Photo courtesy Ron Crossley.

Early Day Flood 1921

A Flood in Beaver, Oklahoma in 1921. Photo courtesy Ron Crossley.

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Ike Phelps in front of Garage. Now Otasco.

1928 Photo of Phelps garage.

1907 Photo of downtown Beaver.

1917 view of Beaver.

A walking bridge across the river was a popular place to gather.

Beaver city fire May 9, 1910.

Crusing the streets of Forgan.

Another flood photo along river.

Thompson hotel here in Beaver.

A later photo of Beaver.

Early day cooks at barbecue.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006
Letter received from Don Hull of California

Dear Beaver People and Herald Democrat publishers:

One of the disadvantages of the internet is that nothing ever gets thrown
away anymore.

Everything that ever existed gets resurrected to haunt us for the rest of
our lives. Only slightly kidding.

This is Don Hull, former resident of Beaver, 1947-52, surfing the net today
and saw your website.  The old photos department motivated me to go to my
own family album and dig out some old pix that maybe your readers would
enjoy seeing.

My parents moved to Beaver in '47 from Pratt, Kansas. Dad was Rev. H. Cecil
Hull, who pastored the 1st Church of God (photo att) on the main hwy
entering town from the South, I believe.  We moved in 1952 to Seminole, OK
and I have not been back to Beaver since.   (Is that church still in
existence?)  Dad died in 1978; mom in 1989.

I was in the 6th grade, and attended the OLD elementary school the last two
years of its existence. Have forgotten the street address, but it was torn
down in 1949 or 50, I believe. We moved to the long, low single story
elementary school, that had green blackboards...a dramatic innovation at the
time.  Elmer Classen got the construction contract for the school. I seem to
remember the cost was $80,000 and people thought it was an outlandish

A photo is attached of Mrs. Morrison, who was one of the teachers at the old
elementary school. Part of it is visible behind her, the circular fire
escape was one of its architectural highlights.  Mrs. Morrison is sitting on
Dale Venable's brand new Doodlebug motor scooter.   Dale Venable was one of
my fellow 6th graders.  My teacher was Mrs. Drum.  Principal was Lloyd
Patterson.  (I can't believe that I can remember these names after all these
years.) Other classmates I can recall: Billy Jack Overton, Sanford Starr,
Carol Jenkins, Cherie Lou Gregory, Karen Goetzinger, Marvin "Punkin" Noble.

The photo "Tackhammer," is my 6th grade colleague, Raymond Brown, better
known as Tackhammer, also sitting on Dale Venable's motor scooter.   That
nickname was so thoroughly stuck to him that even the teachers called him
"Tack" and reportedly, his own mother was known to use the term.

The pic of the 48 Packard was taken in the Fall/Winter of 47-48 when my dad
bought the car the previous Summer. The car is parked in front of our house,
which was the Church of God parsonage, next door, South, of the church bldg.

Across the street, was the Cimarron Motor Co Pontiac Dealer. Taken in '49.
The shop had only recently opened and was still in a state of construction
when I took the pic. The camera used was my trusty, low resolution Kodak 120
box camera. 

The pic of Leo Classen was taken, at the corner of the main hwy into town
from the South, (Douglas?) and the nearest cross street north, which was
part of the parking area around the church. The Elmer Classens (wife
Blossom) and son Leo, were regular members of the church. Leo was the BMOC
(Big Man on Campus) at BHS during his Jr and Sr years, starring in football
and school plays.

The pic of the road grader was also shot at about the same time in 49,
looking west from Douglas as the city refurbished that street.  As a 12 year
old kid, I was fascinated by machinery.

The pic of the basketball team was the "official" press photo of the 1951-52
team. We had 11 wins and 10 losses. Coach was Baker "Reddog" Duggins. I
believe it was his very first year of coaching. His predecessor was Coach
Dean Niles, who was also my 9th grade Driver Training and Shop teacher.

ID of the players in the photo by their jersey numbers:

00 Sr - Roland "Birdlegs/Birdie" Jenkins
11 Sr - Bobby Campbell
22 Sr - Aaron Gregg
33 Sr - Bill Dixon
44 Soph - Don Hull
55 Sr - George Hiatt
45 Jr - Jim Waldrop
25 Sr - Kay Cook
35  Soph - Howard Carter
15 Jr - Max McAdams

After leaving Beaver in 52, we moved to Seminole where I played on their
basketball team for one year. But Seminole townfolk were hooked on football,
seldom attending the basketball games, so the games were played with largely
empty gymnasiums. However, Seminole fans were rewarded in 1954 with a state
Class A Championship win against Altus at Owen Field in Norman.

Since leaving Oklahoma, I went to college in Indiana then to New York City
where I acquired a career in the advertising business, working as a
copywriter at BBDO, the 3rd largest agency in the world. In 1970, moved to
Frankfurt, Germany where I worked with a publisher of magazines targeted to
GIs in Europe, returned to NYC in 1980 as the Ad Sales Mgr. Transferred to
California in 1984. Started my own ad sales rep firm in 1985 and am still
working it.

My hobby is Board member of the Packards International Motor Car Club in
Santa Ana, CA.  packardsinternational.com    I am the editor of their
quarterly color magazine.  Wife is the art director. Click on Special Thanks
for a pic of us.

In 1998 and 2000, I ran for Congress on the Libertarian ticket. Got 2% of
the vote in 98, 4% in 00. But didn't necessarily get a thirst for a
political career. Nevertheless, the website is still up in case you want to
look at it:  Google my name, Don Hull, and the website address will come up.

Would be interesting to hear what happened to my fellow BHS buddies. Or even
anybody who attended the Church of God during the years of 1947-52.

Don Hull
1830 Tahiti Dr
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel/Fax: 714/641-1570

Thanks a bunch for posting the pix I sent you.  And it's ok to post my email
address.  Perhaps I'll hear from somebody for fun.

Sorry I forgot to mention the guitar players.

The musicians are myself playing the steel guitar and Lyndell Jenkins
playing the acoustic guitar, both of us of Beaver HS at the time.  I was a
Sophomore, he was a Freshman. We were the dinner music for the BHS
Junior-Senior banquet of 1951 or 52.  And the pic was taken at the banquet.
But I've long forgotten who the photographer was.

Lyndell was an accomplished "country" singer who specialized in the hits of
Lefty Frizzell and could imitate Frizzel pretty well. He was an excellent
vocalist to back-up and I enjoyed playing with him. I just played, didn't

I played my guitar regularly in our church and often appeared with other
musicians in the area when THEY entertained.  e.g., Bennie Valentine was the
Musical Director at Balko High School who played a mean piano and I played
my guitar with him on a few occasions.

My parents also played and sang for our church, and for a time, we even had
a radio program, about 1948,-49 over KEYE Perryton sponsored by the Sumrall
Equipment Co. The program was called "Evening Vespers," and was run at 6:00
PM on Sunday nights.  My dad played acoustic guitar and sang lead vocal; mom
played a vibraharp (remember those?) and sang harmony. I played my steel
guitar, also called the electric Hawaiian guitar.  In those days, the most
famous steel guitar players were Leon McAuliffe, who I think had his own
band, and Roy Wiggins, who played for Eddy Arnold.  (I can't believe I
really remember all this stuff.)

I've also long forgotten how we got the job of performing for the banquet.
Don't remember who hired us or why or anything about it anymore.  Maybe
Lyndell is still alive, and will see this and fill-in the gaps.

(Photo shows Mr. Hull singing at a recent banquet)

In subsequent years, however, I have expanded my participation in the
musical world and have worked part time as a songwriter and vocalist with
various bands.  I still sing with groups who perform for our Packards
International events.  The att photo, of myself with the Chris Davis Band,
was taken Feb 5, 2006 at the Doubletree Hotel, Orange, CA at our car club's
43rd annual Membership Meet and Convention. The Chris Davis band performs
the popular "big band" stuff from the 30s and 40s and they let me perform
with them sometimes.

Yours for recorded history,

Don Hull

First copy of Beaver County History Book Volume I was  purchased by
Ed Albright of Balko. Pictured back are: Judge Otto Barby; Barbara Patzkowsky,
Berenice  Jackson and Leota Hodges. Pict ured front are Gladys Eagan,
Thelma Long and Pauline Cross. Volume I was copyrighted in 1970.
Photo by Joe Lansden

In May 21, 1923 a flood was photographed probably from the Bogue
hotel. In the photo is the Beaver train depot.

Do you remember this photo of main street in Beaver (Douglas Ave)
that was taken in 1907. Pictured to the right is the Lawson Abstract
company. It is our guess but the Thompson Hotel is pictured left center.

This is a view of Beaver taken in 1916. Photo by Ward.

An early day Walking bridge across the Beaver River was a popular
place. No date was written on the photo.