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Garrett School reunion draws huge crowd

The Garrett School Reunion was held Saturday, October 3rd in Beaver at the Beaver County Fairgrounds. Past students, faculty, staff, parents, and friends of Garrett gathered early Saturday morning to share memories of a loved school and to see friends and acquaintances of the past. One Hundred Forty-Eight guests signed in at the door.

The past students who were 8th grade graduates were from the classes of 1956: Bobby Getz, Barbara (Glenn) Hager, 1957: Larry Arb, Doneta (Cates) Smith, 1958: Ann Mahanay, 1959: Kay (Arb) Firth, Jimmy Cates, 1960: Steve Trotter, Norman Mahaffey, 1961: Floyd & Vonda Luck, Leonard Hoover, Dudley R. Field, Carol Scott, 1962: Karon (Hennigh) Harris, Marilyn (Field) Raines, Linda Bruce, 1963: Jerald Hudson, Elaine (Harper) Hoover, Roger & Idella Maschino, 1964: Gary & Mary (Packer) Cravens, Ed & Kay (Savage)Hutchison, Edward Fish, Donna Litterell, 1965: Bobby Fish, Randall & Joyce Bensch, Glen & Sharon Raven, 1966: Dale & Debra Cook, Patty Bruce, Dennis Black, 1967: Dennis Gersman, Bill Trotter, 1968: Monty Reeves, Ronald Stinson, Glenda (Bensch) Buschman, 1970: Joyce Fleming, Lynden & Starley Bensch, 1971: Debra (Janzen) Harris, Sue (Parker) Hergeat, 1972: Lorinda ( Nelson) Walker, 1973: Tim & Janie Jacobs, Evan Winchester, 1974: Kevin Nelson, Clifford Fleming, Teresa ( Kinney) & Mark Hester, JR and Debbie Sprague, Cinda Carter, Becky (Crane) Gonzales, 1975: Malinda (Overton) Webb, Nick Durfey, Connie (Sprague) Vaughn, Craig VanDeburgh, David Kinney, 1976: Roy Fleming, 1977: Brenda (Elfers) Abare, 1978: Robert Kinney, Danna (Nelson) Nelson, Myron & Julie Overton, Debbie (Crocker) Logan, 1980: Paul Silvey & John, 1981: Curtis Bensch, 1982: Stuart Bensch, Sam Woodson, 1983: Krystal (Parker) Scott, Joel Silvey, Charles Mahaffey, Russell & Becky Howard, Jon & Lori Elfers, 1984: Cherish Mahaffey, 1985: Curtis & Glenna Woodbury & Le Dru, Bobbie Mahaffey, 1986: Krista (Howard) & Todd Baird, 1988: Anthony Hennigh, Scott Trotter, Shaman Hennigh, Alissa (Smylie) Schlessman, Diane Glenn, Richard Mahaffey, 1990: Nathan Mahaffey, 1991: Kristy (Millikan) & Troy Flowers and Seth, Zeb, & Zane, 1992: Neal Trotter, 1993: Summer Smylie, Cheryl (Bensch) Moser, 1995: Denise (Bensch) Manning, 2000: Jenna (Fleming) Stump & Danny, Matthew, & Madison, 2004: John Meier.

Other guests were teachers: Danna Nelson, Jimmie Elam, Linda and Bob Downing, Mary and David Nine, Lesley Stinson, Stacy Miller, Betty Janzen, Mary Ellen Overton, Shirley Robinson, Susan Moyer, Carol and Bob Taylor, Carl and Janie Kunselman.

Secretary: Evelyn and Denny Nelson.

Bus Drivers: Bob and Sharon Woodson, Steve Parker, Junne Fleming, Tena Fleming, Stevie Mahaffey, Wayne and Marilyn Jones.

Board Members: Wayne and Marilyn Jones, Jerry Howard, Debbie Haskell.

Other guests: Kathy Glenn, Bruce Stinson, Lois Ann Miller, Margaret and Steve Kinney, Terry and Carole Jacobs, Lavonne Moyer, Donald and Donita Eyer, Glenford Bensch, John Trotter, Catherine and David McIntyre, John Savage, Raymond Winkler.

Paul Silvey, Justin, Texas started a Garrett School page on Face Book. People started posting pictures from back then. Everyone was enjoying reminiscing with stories and pictures from the past. When Susan Moyer, Woodward, OK saw it she suggested a reunion. It wasn’t long until Garrett Alumni were talking and they all liked the idea of a reunion. Susan took the lead and recruited Danna Nelson and Evelyn Nelson. They met in June of 2015 and decided on a place and time as well as the menu. Committees were named and many were involved in getting the reunion together. Linda Bruce, Plano, Texas was on face book getting the word out to all that she could. She was posting history of the school and kept the interest going. She reached out to many Garrett students, teachers, and friends. Sharon Raven set up the tables and made the centerpieces. Tena Fleming and Jenna Stump took pictures and are putting the pictures on a disc for all who want one. Little did Paul know that his idea to start a school face book page would lead to a reunion of students from the class of 1956 to students from the class of 2004.

JR Sprague was the Master of Ceremonies. He shared the microphone with several teachers and then with Lyndon Bensch who led the group in the school song, "GRS", which was written by Linda Downing. Craig VanDeburgh led the group in prayer and dinner was served. The meal was brisket, chicken, and pulled pork with every side dish you could imagine, wonderful salads and delicious desserts.

David and Catherine McIntyre were recognized for traveling the longest distance all the way from Riverton, Wyoming. Past teachers were recognized and many pictures were taken. Everyone had a great time and many were in favor of having another reunion soon. The reunion was definitely a huge success! What a wonderful day!

Thank you to our planning committee, Susan Moyer, Danna Nelson, and Evelyn Nelson for getting the reunion started and for all of your hard work. Thank you to JR Sprague for taking the job of MC. Also thank you to all of those who brought food, to those who helped serve and clean up, to those who made the decorations. Thanks: Debbie Logan, Sharon Raven, Tena Fleming, Debbie Haskell, Alissa Schlessman, Marilyn Jones, Carol Taylor, Mary Nine, Debra Cook, Patt Howard, Jimmie Elam, and Jenna Stump.

We would like to give A GREAT BIG Thank YOU to Joe Lansden for running our ad in the paper and helping us to reach Garrett Alumni. We appreciate you so much!








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