In the VIP Division, Liberal Radio Personality Joe Denoyer took first place, while Oklahoma Gubernatorial candidate Mick Cornett came in second, and 61st District House of Representatives candidate Ashley Lehnert was third.


In the Womens Division, Terri Pratt had the farthest throw at 108’4". In second was Savannah Tillman followed by Elinor Butler in third.


In the Mens Division, Garrett Nichols took 1st Place with a toss of 135 ft. followed by Terry Ecklund in 2nd with Robert O’Dell of Amarillo in 3rd.

In the Team Competition, the Beaver Fire Dept.#2 team claimed top honors with a combined toss for the four members of 477 ‘ 6" followed by the Lady and the Tramps team in second. In third was The Modern Woodman team.


Bull Riding at Cowchip 2018












Chips flew Saturday for

49th annual Cow Chip Toss

The 2018 Cimarron Territory Celebration got off to a hot start Saturday with the 24th annual "Cow Chip Chili Cook-off" at the Beaver County Fairgrounds.
With cold temperatures and winds in the 40-50 MPH range, lots of people went to the
event to escape the winter-like weather.
Here is a look at the winners:
1. Ted Hoover, Dalhart; 2. Steve Cosgrove, Guthrie; 3. Ruthann Cosgrove, Guthrie; 4. Twited Sisters, Debbie Bobeck; 5. Bank of Beaver, Tammie Cline; 6. Cody Gregory, BCMH; 7. Adam Mosburg, Beaver Fire Dept.; 8. Beaver United Methodist Church, Robert Harrison; 9. DS Chili, Tirsh Starr, BCNH; 10. Chris Humby, Beaver.
1. Bill Greenfield, Okie Dokie Chili, Beaver; 2. Forgan Fire, Miguel Ordonez; 3. Jeannie Greenfield, Beaver.
1. Bank of Beaver City, Tammie Cline; 2. Micah Humby; 3. Twisted Sisters, Debbie Bobeck.
The best decorated booth went to the Beaver Fire Department and the people’s choice went to the Bank of Beaver City.







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