Beaver, Ok


There have been changes made to the 2018 Beaver County Free Fair. The Horse Show has been moved to Thursday, Sept 6th, registration at 3:00pm and show at 4:00. Fair books, forms and other fair info available online at: http://oces.okstate.edu/ beaver/beaver-county-free-fair

Beaver Co 2018-19 4-H Officer Election run-off will be held Wed, Sept 5th at 6:00pm in the 4-H Fair Dept at the Fair-grounds. Order of election is: Pres, Vice- Pres, Sec, Reporter, Rec Leader and Song Leader.

Officers will be elected by two (2) voting delegates from each club. The delegates can be alternated by the adult leader. Vot-ing will be by secret ballot. Guidelines for county youth officer elections are available under 4-H Constitution & By-Laws: http:// oces.okstate.edu/beaver/4-h

Those running for offices are: Mary, Caleb & Rebecca Morrison; Dannie Reg-nier-Nelson; and Bailey Boyd. Those eligible to be nominated from the floor are Jaylin Harris (Turpin) and Conner Stahly (Forgan).

The fair Horse Show has been moved to Thurs, Sept 6th. Registration will be at 3:00pm, show at 4:00pm.


SAT, SEPT 8TH @ 12:00 PM












JOHNNIE BOYD @ 580-539-1071

DENI BRUTON @ 806-282-2252

The 4-H Quality of Standards Judging Contest will be held from 4:00-6:00pm on Wed, Sept 5th in the 4- H Fair Department. 1st-5th placings and premiums will be given in each of the following divisions: Junior (3rd Grade (Age 8 by Sept 1, 2018) - 5th Grade), Intermediate (6th-8th Grades) and Senior (9th-12th Grades).

October 17-19, 2018 - Sheraton, Midwest City

Join us for a two-night trip to the Sheraton in Midwest City October 17- 19, along with delegates from 29 other counties in the West District. This is a great leadership opportunity, but you will also have fun with workshops, entertainment, dancing and a service learning project. Delegates must be in 7th grade as of September 1, 2018. Conference registration is from 5:00- 7:00pm on the 17th with conference concluding by noon on the 19th. The cost is $148.00 per youth. Beaver County Extension will pay half ($74.00) of this fee. Registr ation forms with payment ar e due to the Extension Office by Sept 10th.

Delegates can run for a District 4-H Office. The deadline to file is due to the Beaver Extension office with paperwork by Oct 5th

paperwork by Oct 5th.

4-H Float—Beaver Co 4-H Officers would like to invite all 4-H members to ride on the Beaver County 4- H Fair Float on Saturday, September 8th. The parade will start at 10:30am. Theme is "Olde Thyme County Fair." Par ticipants will be thr owing 4-H frisbees. Clubs are also asked to bring candy to throw. Be at the float near the Bea-ver Nursing Home at 10:15am.

Booth—The Beaver County 4-H Leaders will have a booth set up in the 4-H Fair Department by the 4-H Interactive Display Booths to sell reusable ice packs to raise funds for the Beaver County 4-H Leaders account to go towards 4-H scholarships. Booth hours will be Sat, Sept 8th 12:00-4:00pm. All leaders are asked to contact the Extension Office at 580-625-3464 as to what time your club will be available to man booth.

The State 4-H Judging Contest will be held Sat, Sept. 29th, 9:00am- 4:00pm, on the OSU campus. There will be a $5.00 participant fee.

Judging Contests - Entomology, Horticulture, Crops, and Consumer Decision Making. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in either track 1 or 2 during the morning and either Track 3 or 4 during the afternoon. Youth will not be able to compete in all four contests. Robotics Building & Programming will also be held on Sept 29th, ending the day with a Robotics Challenge.

Registration must be postmarked on or before Sept. 20th, and mailed to the State 4-H office. Checks are to be made payable to 4-H Conferences.

Contest Divisions as of Sept. 1, 2018: J unior s (3rd-7th Grade) and Seniors (8th-12th Grade)

Please contact your 4-H leader or Extension Office for more info.

All 4-H volunteers are required to obtain their certifica-tion 90 days from the date they re-enroll. Please mark Tues, Sept 18th, 6:00pm, Beaver Extension Conference Room on your calendar. Trainings will be offered at 6:00pm prior to Leaders/Volunteers Meeting. No meal will be offered

Sept 21-23, 2018 - 8:00am-6:00pm - Lazy E Arena, Guthrie

The Guthrie Lazy E Arena and surrounding property will be trans-formed into Oklahoma’s largest indoor and outdoor recreation event. The event, which attracts over 50,000 people from across the state and neigh-boring states, celebrates our state’s great natural diversity and opportuni-ties for the sporting enthusiast and newcomers both young and old.

Friday brings in thousands of youth from across the state to learn about and experience the great outdoors and all that the vendors have to offer. Booth will offer sun beads to make into bracelets, 4-H stickers, bags, stickers and luggage tags.

On Saturday and Sunday, there will be a variety of outdoor enthusi-asts and kids excited to try their hand at shooting sports, fishing, bird watching, kayaking and just general outdoor fun. There will be plenty of free food and water for the volunteers. You are invited to come and vol-unteer in the booth. Hope you will consider attending and making this a fun day for your family.

If you, your club, or family would like to volunteer to help, please contact Cynthia Klumpp, Logan Co Educator, at 405-282-3331

Starting with the 2018-19 year, the Beaver County Extension Office will give each member a $25 trip ac-count scholarship for each Special County 4-H Award received.

Members are eligible to receive the following Special County Awards listed below for the 2018-19 4-H Year. To receive these awards a member must turn in a 4-H folder for each of the awards they are applying for by June 15, 2019. This folder must include a short handwritten story on what the member completed and accomplished for the year to qualify to receive the award. The following pages must also be included: Objective of Project, Work Done in Project, New Things Learned in Project, Expenses/Income for Project, and Picture Pages for this award with captions for each picture. If more members allowed per county apply for an award, the 4-H member who has done the most presentations, work, etc towards the award will receive the award. Awar ds will be presented at the 2019 4-H banquet.

Special County 4-H Awards: Breads; Beef Selecting, Preparing & Serving; Dairy; Pork; Peanut; and Water Conservation Protec-tion & Utilization.

Information and guidelines to be completed to apply for each Special County 4-H Award can be found on the Beaver County Extension website at: http://oces.okstate.edu/beaver/4-h

Balko 4-H Club

Balko 4-H September Club meeting will be held Tues, Sept 11th at 6:00pm at the Balko Baptist Church.

Balko 4-H started their year on August 13th with a tour of the Watonga cheese factory and a night out for pizza. Kids saw how the cheese was made, aged, packaged, and sold at the retail store in Perryton, TX.

Balko 4-H attended the Northern Oklahoma College Sheep day in July and placed 6th as a team. (Balko 4-H girls on top of college sign)

Balko 4-H attended Big 3 Field days in July at the OSU campus, Stillwater.

(Balko 4-H girls in pink and turquoise)


Turpin 4-H Club

Turpin 4-H September Club meeting will be held Tues, Sept 11th at 6:00pm at the Turpin School Cafeteria

Llama Workshop—Turpin 4-H members had a llama education day July 6th at the home of Betty Holman. Betty showed the kids safety, and some training techniques. Participants had the opportunity to take a llama through the obstacle course. 4-Hers had the opportunity to try a wet felting technique with the llama fiber to make a bag/coin purse project that can be entered in the fair

Beaver 4-H Club

Beaver 4-H Club will meet on Tues, Sept 11th at 6:00pm at the Beaver Extension Conference Room, Courthouse Basement

Overstreet 4-H Club

Overstreet Robotics will meet Mon, Sept 10th at 4:00pm at the Overstreet School House. The robotics team will meet periodically in preparation for the Lego League Challenge to be held in the spring at the Liberal Air Museum.

Overstreet’s next 4-H club meeting will directly follow their Ro-botics on Sept 10th at 5:30pm at the Overstreet School House.

Beaver 4-H Club

Beaver 4-H Club will meet on Tues, Sept 11th at 6:00pm at the Beaver Extension Conference Room, Courthouse Basement.

Forgan 4-H Club

Forgan 4-H Club will meet on Wed, Sept 5th at 5:30pm at the Forgan School Multi-Purpose Room.

Forgan 4-H held a 4-H Kick Off Event Booth on Mon, Aug 27th from 6:00-7:00pm at Forgan School’s Open House. Each partici-pant receive a door prize and knowledge on all the FUN activities 4- H has to offer.

Below: Rodney Albert, Forgan 4-H Leader, promoting Forgan 4- H to Forgan youth during Forgan School’s Open House Aug 27th.

It’s still not too late to participate in the Beaver County 4-H Shooting Sports program. If you are interested in Archery, Shotgun, Air Pistol and/or Air Rifle, this is for you. Shooting Sports Club has al-ready started practicing for this year and meets several times a month for practice. Upcoming practice dates: Sept 11, 20, 25, 27, Oct 2, 4, 9, 11 & 16. All times are at 6:00pm at the Beaver Shoot-ing Range. One parent or responsible adult must be present at every meeting/practice attended. Call JC Morrison at 580-553- 1280 or Jeri Morrison at 580-553-1732 if you are interested in participating in shooting sports.

Shooting Sports Club members competed in two competitions in August. Caleb Morrison, John Morrison, Dannie Regnier- Nelson, and Johnathan Regnier-Nelson competed in the state 4- H .22 rifle on August 4th. Caleb placed 2nd all around in the inter-mediate division. Dannie competed in the .22 pistol competition as well. Dannie Regnier-Nelson, John Morrison, and Caleb Morrison also competed in the 4-H Sporting Clay’s contest on August 25th. All had a great time!

Basic Livestock Nutrition Training

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 9:30am to 3:00pm

Oklahoma Panhandle Research & Extension Center, Goodwell


Review of Basic Animal Nutrition

 Common Feedstuffs: Recommendations on How to Feed

 Optimizing Beef Cow Nutrition & Body Condition Scoring: Evaluate nutritional programs with OSU Cowculator v2.0 Beef Cow Nutrition Evaluation Software*

By Dr. Britt Hicks, OSU Area Extension Livestock Specialist

Stocking Rate Considerations

By Dr. Curtis Bensch, OPSU Agronomy Dept.

Supplementation Strategy for Stockers: Evaluate supplementation programs with OSU_Ration_Calculator_2013 Software*

 Feeding management of horses: Evaluate feeding programs with OSU Horse Calculator Software*

By Dr. Britt Hicks, OSU Area Extension Livestock Specialist

*Microsoft Excel spreadsheets developed by OSU Extension Specialists

To get the full, benefit of the program, participants are encouraged to bring laptop computers with them so they can learn to use the soft-ware in designing feeding programs. A working lunch will be taken around noon ($7/person).

Industrial Hemp in Oklahoma - 3:00pm

 Differences between marijuana and industrial hemp

 Uses of industrial hemp

 Botany of industrial hemp

 Production and farming practices

 Legal issues

 Economics

By Dr. Curtis Bensch, OPSU Agronomy Department

Staking Trees

By David Hillock, Hort & Landscape Architecture

Fall is a great time to plant trees. One task that should be considered when planting new trees is support. Staking newly planted trees can be beneficial in providing support to the trees until they develop strong enough root systems to stand on their own. However, not all new trees need to be staked. If it is a small tree and in an area protected from high winds then it probably does not need to be staked. If it is a larger tree and/or one with dense foliage that may catch the wind or is planted in a windswept area then it might be a good idea to stake the tree.

The material used to attach the tree to the stake should be broad, smooth and somewhat elastic. Do not stake the tree too rigidly. Always allow for sway. Too tight or prolonged staking results in an overall weaker tree and is more subject to girdling of the trunk. Triple staking provides more protection against strong winds and lawn mowers. Sup-port stakes and guy wires generally should be removed after one grow-ing season. If staking material is left in place for more than two years the tree’s ability to stand alone may be reduced, and the chances of gir-dling injury are increased.

So, the best thing to do is assess the situation and stake only when necessary and briefly. Prolonged staking can have a detrimental effect on the development of the tree. Too often, staking materials end up in-juring or girdling the tree because they are left on longer than necessary

Growing Fall Irish Potatoes

By David Hillock

If seed potatoes are available and space permits, potatoes are a desirable supplement to the fall and winter food supply. Yields are usually lower than from spring-planted pota-toes, but proper storage is much easier to pro-vide and potato quality is excellent.

The practice of using potatoes from the fresh produce counter for planting purposes is not recommended. This kind of material frequently does not produce adequate growth and is considerably lower in yield.

One of the problems is getting a stand of plants early enough to produce a crop before fall frosts. This emphasizes the need to use matured, medium-to-large potatoes that require cutting into 1 or 1½ ounce size seed pieces.

Cut potatoes should be allowed to cure three to five days before planting, and they should be stored under cool (45° to 65°F) condi-tions during curing.

In order to have a more favorable (cooler) soil at planting time, deep furrows may be opened in the late afternoon, seed pieces plant-ed, covered with two inches of soil, watered, and mulched with straw or other available organic material. This should provide more favorable conditions for growth.

Why Is 45 Day Weaning Important To Feeder Calf Health??

Glenn Selk, OSU Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist

The "Value-Added" calf sales will begin in October. Therefore some of the required weaning dates are only a few days away. Most of the "Value-Added" calf sales require that the calves are weaned at least 45 days prior to sale date. Some cow calf producers may wonder why the post-weaning period needs to be so lengthy.

Data from Iowa from over a nine year period in a couple of their feedout tests compared the health status of calves weaned less than 30 days to calves weaned longer than 30 days. Data from over 2000 calves were summarized. Calves that had been sent to a feed-lot at a time less than 30 days had a higher incidence of bovine res-piratory disease (28%) compared to calves weaned longer than 30 days (13%). The percentage of calves that required 3 or more treat-ments also was significantly different (6% versus 1%) in favor of calves that had been weaned more than 30 days. In fact the calves weaned less than 30 days were not different in health attributes than calves that were weaned on the way to the feedlot.

A summary of this lengthy study can be found on line at http:// www.extension.iastate.edu/Pages/ansci/beefreports/asl- 1648.pdf. Vac-45 calves apparently have a real advantage in terms of health compared to calves weaned for less than a month or those weaned on the way to the livestock market for sale date. Certainly part of the "value" in value-added calves can be attributed to proper-ly applied vaccinations. However, there is little doubt that a portion of the improved health is due to the length of time between weaning and the movement of calves to the next owner.

A listing of the 2018-2019 Oklahoma Quality Beef Network (OQBN) value added calf sales can be found on the OQBN web-site. The appropriate weaning dates and contact information for verification and sale information can be found at that address as well. The weaning dates are coming up very soon for the October

sales. Therefore producers with calves that meet those guidelines should make the appropriate contacts soon. The OQBN website is http://oqbn.okstate.edu.

OK Steer Feedout Provides Helpful Beef Herd Information

By Greg Highfill, Woods Co OSU Ext Ag Educ & OK Steer Feedout Chairman

The goal of raising cattle is to produce tender, economical, high-quality beef cuts for today’s consumers. Producers often want to select for traits that are not evaluated until long after the calf leaves the home ranch. Cattle producers that want to learn more about the post-weaning performance of their steers may want to consider feeding a set of their calves in the OK Steer Feedout. The OK Steer Feedout is an information feedback pro-gram that allows beef cow producers the opportunity to evaluate their calf crop for carcass merit and feedlot performance. Steer calves are assembled and fed in a commercial feedlot under the coordination of the OSU Extension Service. Working with the feedyard and beef packer, the gain performance and carcass data are collected and reported to each producer.

Entry forms for the 2018-2019 OK Steer Feedout test are due November 9, 2018 with steers delivered to Cattleman’s Choice Feedyard on November 18 or 19, 2018. We strongly recommend the OQBN 45-day weaning and vaccination protocol be followed for all steers, requiring a weaning date of October 3, 2018 to par-ticipate. Steers remain the property of the consignor and the feed expenses are financed to the end of the feeding period and re-moved from the final payment. There is a $25 per ranch entry fee. For more details and an entry form go to BeefExtension.com and find the OK Steer Feedout tab in the left column or go to:

Feedlot Production And Cattle Slaughter

Derrell S. Peel, OSU Ext Lvst Mkt Spec

The latest USDA cattle on feed report shows the August 1 feedlot inventory was 11.09 million head, up 4.6 percent from one year ago. This is the largest August on-feed total in the cattle-on-feed data series going back to 1996. The August total is down from the previous month following the typical seasonal tendency of feedlot inventories to bottom in September before climbing in the fourth quarter. The twelve month moving average of cattle on feed (which removes the seasonality of feedlot inventories) is currently at the highest monthly level since September of 2012.

July feedlot placements and marketings were both above year ago levels, in part due to an extra business day in July 2018 com-pared to last year. Placements were 107.9 percent of last year, at the upper end of the range of pre-report estimates. Most of the

OK Steer Feedout

Steers only – 5 head minimum

Born After: November 1, 2017

Entry Due: November 9, 2018

Delivery Date: November 18 or 19

45-day OQBN Preconditioning

Weaning date: October 3, 2018






Summer Youth Extension Workshops

Beaver County OSU Cooperative Extension Service

Courthouse, PO Box 339, Beaver OK 73932

Phone: 580-625-3464

All workshops are FREE of charge and open to ALL Beaver County Youth 8(3rd Grade) -18 years of age as of August 4, 2018. All workshops will be held at the Beaver Extension Office, courthouse basement except for the Fishing/Archery & Pollinator Clinic which will be held on the Beaver River WMA and Melvin Chaloupek’s Lake (5 miles south of Bea-ver); and Tractor Safety Course; STEM; and Woodcraft to be held at the Beaver Fairgrounds.

Workshop items will remain with the Extension Service to be entered in the Beaver County Fair (September 6-8, 2018), and must be picked up on Saturday, September 8th at 3:00pm at the Beaver Fairgrounds.

Check each workshop you would like to participate in. DO NOT check more than one item within the lined group when it states "Please check only one of the following." Return this signed form by Friday, May 4th to the Beaver County Extension Office (Courthouse Basement), PO Box 339, Beaver, OK 73932 or email to: sandra.cooper@okstate.edu.

When crafting, clothes will not stay clean. We will be using paints and other permanent products, so dress accordingly. If you bring a cell phone, it will not be allowed to be used during workshops.

Postcard reminders will be mailed out to pre-registered participants. If you sign up for a workshop and cannot at-tend, you must notify the Beaver County Extension Office at least 3 days in advance at 580-625-3464. If you fail to notify the Extension office, it will be assumed that you do not plan to participate; therefore, you will be removed from the Sum-mer Youth Workshop list until further permission is granted to participate in remaining workshops.

Please be aware, workshops may get out early and children will be released at that time. No transportation will be pro-vided by the Extension Service or Extension personnel.

All parents are encouraged to assist with workshops when possible. No younger siblings allowed due to liability.

Your signatures below indicate that you give permission for photos of the participant to be reproduced for educational purposes, and you understand that failure to abide by the policies and regulations, including behavior governing the 4-H program may result in loss of workshop privileges.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

4-H Float—Beaver County 4-H Officers would like to invite all 4-H members to ride on the Beaver County 4-H Cow Chip Float on Saturday, April 21st. The parade starts at 10:30am. Theme is "Home Is Where Your Herd Is." 4-H’ers can wear a shirt to represent a pink (pig), white (sheep), black (cow) or 4-H shirt. Clubs are to bring candy to throw out. Please be at the float near the Beaver Nursing Home at 10:00am.

Booth—The Beaver County 4-H Leaders will have a booth set up on Saturday, April 21st to sell baskets to raise funds for the Beaver County 4-H Leaders account to go towards 4-H scholarships. All leaders are asked to contact the Extension Office ASAP on a time to help man the booth. Booth hours are: 11:00am-4:00pm. Turpin 4-H will man the booth 12:00-1:00pm and Overstreet 4-H from 1:00-1:30pm. Please contact our office at 580-625-3464 as to what time your club will be available to man booth.

Community Service Project—Beaver County 4-H’ers are needed to help dump trash, pick up trash and help keep fairgrounds clean right after the parade until late afternoon on Saturday, April 21st. Please contact Jeri Morrison for more details on this project.

The Beaver County OSU Extension Office will be offering summer workshops to all Beaver County Youth 8-18 years of age as of August 4, 2018. The workshops will start on June 4th and run through June 27th. All workshops will be held in the Beaver OSU Extension Conference Room except for STEM, Woodworking & Tractor Safety Certification, to be held at the Beaver Fairgrounds. All workshop forms are due to the Exten-sion Office no later than Friday, May 4th. Forms are available at the Extension office or online at:


National 4-H Day of Service Puts Club Members Into Action

While club members make a difference in their communities on a regular basis, lending a helping hand will be emphasized during National 4-H Day of Service, slated April 28, as thousands of 4-H’ers across the country show they are True Leaders in Service. During the entire month of April, 4-H’ers will be tackling community challenges to help meet the needs of others. The National 4-H Service Learning Day activities are open to club members from Cloverbuds on up.

True Leaders in Service was created in 2017 as a way for 4-H members to say thank you to their communi-ties, counties and states for all the support they have been given for more than a century. Projects can be done as an individual, a project club, an entire county 4-H program or anything in between. The goal is to get out there and make a difference. Some simple ideas include holding a canned food drive, making cards for veter-ans, volunteering at a nursing home, holding a supplies drive for a school, cleaning up the park, volunteering to walk dogs at the local animal shelter or setting up an educational display at a local store.

Once your club has determined the project on which they plan to work, contact local media outlets. This is a perfect time to highlight the positive impact 4-H has on today’s youth, show how youth are improving their communities, as well as bring visibility to your program. It also is a great time to recruit new club members.

Clubs are encouraged to register their service learning events at https://4-h.org/get-involved/true-leaders-in -service/. Events must take place between April 1 and April 30. Once the event is completed, visit the website to record the number of people involved, number of people reached, demographic information and write a small narrative regarding the significance of the event.

County events will be highlighted on the state 4-H social media. Clubs will need to submit photos and a brief description of their Day of Service activities. Be sure to include the hashtags #ok4h, #trueleaders and #service. Information should be emailed to Taylor at cathleen.taylor@okstate.edu.

The Beaver County Shooting Sports Club will meet on April 17, 19, 23 and May 1 & 3 for practice at 6:00pm at Beaver Shooting Range (Shot Gun & Archery). If weath-er is bad club will meet at the Beaver Fairgrounds (Air Rifle & Archery).

Johnathan Regnier-Nelson won the top spot for Na-tionals in Hunting Skills at the State YHEC Competition on March 3rd at Norman, OK. Dannie Regnier-Nelson was also selected as a team member to Nationals Hunting Skills Competition. They will be competing at Grand Island, Nebraska, June 24-29, 2018.

Balko 4-H Club

Balko 4-H Club will hold their meet-ing on Monday, May 7th at 7:00pm at the Balko Baptist Church.

Balko 4-H Club’s meeting was held on Monday, April 9th at the Balko Baptist Church. 4-H members made spring signs to hang on doors for a community service project.

Turpin 4-H Club

Turpin 4-H Club will meet on Monday May 14th at 6:00pm at the Turpin School Cafeteria.

Turpin 4-H Club met on March 5th, at the Turpin School. Teresa Williams talked to the kids about landscaping and how to properly plant a bulb. They also discussed landscaping for the front entrance of the Turpin school.

Turpin 4-H Club met on April 3rd, at Turpin School.

Shooting Sports Club

Beaver 4-H Club

Beaver 4-H Club will meet May 1st at the Beaver Sand Hills. Bring: pets, parents, & "provisions" (snacks). If the weather is bad we will not reschedule. This is Bea-ver’s last club meeting for the year.

Beaver 4-H Club met on March 6th at the Beaver Extension Conference Room. Right: Reese Porter giving a presentation on Decorated Cans.

Beaver 4-H Club met on April 3rd at the Beaver Extension Conference Room. Loren Sizelove presented the STEM pro-gram, Marble Mania.

Overstreet 4-H Club

Check Clearlake 4-H Face-book page for Overstreet’s May 4-H meeting date.

Overstreet 4-H brought home the FLL 1st place pro-ject award and the Most Dy-namic FLL Jr award from the Robotics Competition March 24th at the Liberal Air Muse-um! Stop by and see their project poster and team core values posters at the Over-street school house!

Join the fun at 4-H Camp on June 18-20 to be held at the NW Baptist Assembly Campgrounds near Vici. This year’s theme is: 4-H Is The Real Deal. Camper registration is from 2:00-3:00pm on June 18th with camp being dismissed on June 20th at 11:30am. You'll get to stay in air-conditioned cabins, make new friends, go swimming, make crafts, play games, eat, and have fun. We're making plans for Movie Night, Zip Lining, Cupcake Wars, Pool Games, Scavenger Hunt and Counselor Lead Craft Workshops. The cost of camp is $50, but the office will pay $20 for early bird registration, making your cost only $30. If you would like to attend, but do not have the funds, we will be offering scholarships. Please contact the Extension Office for more info.

Contact the office for registration forms and more details! Registration will be due to the Extension Office by Friday, June 1st. Forms are available online at: http://oces.okstate.edu/beaver/4-h.

Camp is free for counselors. If you are 14 years of age and would like to be a camp counselor, please contact our office ASAP. All counselors will be required to help lead workshops.

Turpin 4-H Robotics Team com-peted in the FLL Competition at the Liberal Air Museum on March 24th. The team won Core Values Award. .

Turpin Jr 4-H Robotics Team competed in the FLL Competition at the Liberal Air Museum on March 24th. The team won Most Ingenious Award.




Beaver County FCS Sewing & Clothing ID Skill-A-Thon Contest


Sixteen Beaver County 4-H’ers participated in the FCS Sewing & Clothing Skill-A-Thon Contest April 5th at the Beaver Fairgrounds.  Results are:


Junior Division—3rd (8 yrs), 4th & 5th Grades

1st—Tatum Boyd

2nd—Morgan Rorabaugh

3rd—Riley Fowler


Intermediate Division—6th-8th Grades

1st—Rebecca Morrison

2nd—Conner Stahly

3rd—Caleb Morrison

Entry—John Morrison

Entry—Khadence Morton

Entry—Aubree Coates

Entry—Johnathan Regnier-Nelson

Entry—Bailey Boyd

Entry—Jaylin Harris

Entry—Braxton Fowler


Senior Division—9th-12th Grades

1st—Amanda Bolinger

2nd—Mary Morrison

3rd—Dannie Regnier-Nelson

4-H Fashion Revue Results

Thursday, April 5, 2018  - 6:00pm - Beaver Fairgrounds

Level 1  - (8-10 yrs)

Tatum Boyd (Skirt) – Blue, Champion

Morgan Rorabaugh (Top) – Blue, Reserve Champion

Level 2 (11-12 yrs)

Rebecca Morrison (Skirt) – Blue, Champion

Conner Stahly (Vest & Pants) – Blue, Reserve Champion

Level 3 (13-14 yrs)

Caleb Morrison (Vest) – Blue, Champion

Level 4 (15-18 yrs)

Mary Morrison (Dress) – Blue, Champion

John Morrison (Vest) – Blue, Reserve Champion


Beaver County 4-H Impressive Dress Contest Results

Thursday, April 5, 2018  - 6:00pm - Beaver Fairgrounds

Junior Division – 3rd (8 yrs), 4th & 5th Grades

Snappy Casual Wear

1st – Morgan Rorabaugh   

2nd – Tatum Boyd & Riley Fowler

3rd – Simon Regnier-Nelson

Active Sportswear

1st – Morgan Rorabaugh   

2nd – Tatum Boyd & Riley Fowler

3rd – Simon Regnier- Nelson

Professional and Dress Wear

1st – Morgan Rorabaugh

2nd – Simon Regnier-Nelson

Formal Wear

1st – Morgan Rorabaugh - Champion

1st – Tatum Boyd – Reserve Champion

Intermediate Division – 6th-8th Grades

Snappy Casual Wear

1st – Bailey Boyd

2nd – Jaylin Harris

3rd – Caleb Morrison

Entry - Conner Stahly

Entry - John Morrison

Entry - Johnathan Regnier-Nelson

Entry - Rebecca Morrison

Entry - Braxton Fowler

Entry - Khadence Morton

Entry - Aubree Coates

Active Sportswear

1st – Caleb Morrison

2nd – Bailey Boyd & Braxton Fowler

3rd – Jaylin Harris

Entry - Conner Stahly

Entry - John Morrison

Entry - Johnathan Regnier-Nelson

Entry - Rebecca Morrison

Entry - Aubree Coates

Professional and Dress Wear

1st – Conner Stahly – Reserve Champion

2nd – Rebecca Morrison

3rd – Jaylin Harris

Entry - Braxton Fowler

Entry - Khadence Morton

Entry - Aubree Coates

Formal Wear

1st – Bailey Boyd – Champion

2nd – Conner Stahly

3rd – Khadence Morton

Entry - Johnathan Regnier-Nelson

Entry – Jaylin Harris

Senior Division – 9th-12th Grades

Snappy Casual Wear

1st – Amanda Bolinger

2nd – Mary Morrison

3rd – Dannie Regnier-Nelson

Active Sportswear

1st – Amanda Bolinger

2nd – Mary Morrison

3rd – Dannie Regnier-Nelson

Professional and Dress Wear

1st – Amanda Bolinger

2nd – Dannie Regnier-Nelson

3rd – Mary Morrison

Formal Wear

1st – Amanda Bolinger – Champion

1st – Mary Morrison – Reserve Champion








4-H Food Show Results

December 2, 2017 - 2:00pm - Beaver Fairgrounds

Scout Rorabaugh

2nd – Muffins

Entry – Biscuits

Entry – Drop Cookies

Entry – Dec Cookies

3rd – Salsa

2nd – Skill-a-Thon Contest

Kelby Sager

Entry – Muffins

3rd – Biscuits

1st – Drop Cookies

1st – Dec Cookies

Intermediate Division

Bailey Boyd

1st – Yeast Bread

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

2nd – Skill-A-Thon Contest

Jaqueline Caballero

1st – Dec Cupcakes

Aubree Coates

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Braxton Fowler

2nd – Yeast Bread

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Jaylin Harris

3rd – Cinnamon Rolls

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Carson Hendrich

1st – Sugar Cookies

Jaret Hogg

3rd – Yeast Bread

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Riley Lehnert

2nd – Dec Cupcakes

Caleb Morrison

1st – Cinnamon Rolls

3rd – Dec Cupcakes

1st – Diversity Poster

1st – Nutrition Poster

1st – Skill-A-Thon Contest

John Morrison

2nd – Cinnamon Rolls

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

1st – Buffet Display

Rebecca Morrison

Entry – Cinnamon Rolls

3rd – Sugar Cookies

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

3rd – Diversity Poster

2nd – Nutrition Poster

Khadence Morton

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Johnathan Regnier-Nelson

Intermediate Sweepstakes Award

Entry – Yeast Bread

Entry – Cinnamon Rolls

2nd – Sugar Cookies

Entry – Decorated Cupcakes

1st – Pickles/Relish

1st – Canned Fruit

2nd – Diversity Poster

3rd – Nutrition Poster

1st – Safety Poster

2nd – Buffet Display

Reagan Romero

Entry – Cinnamon Rolls

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Senior Division

Mary Morrison

1st – Bread

2nd – Decorated Cake

1st – Safety Poster

1st – Skill-A-Thon Contest

Dannie Regnier-Nelson

Senior Sweepstakes Award

3rd – Bread

1st – Cake

3rd – Decorated Cake

2nd – Canned Veggies

1st – Canned Tomatoes

2nd – Food Safety Poster

1st – Careers Poster

2nd – Skill-A-Thon Contest

Whitley Welch

2nd – Bread

1st – Dec Cake

1st – Canned Veggies

1st – Nutrition Display


Group Contest - Family Meal Display

1st – Balko 4-H Club

Cloverbud Division

Kaleb Fleming

Drink Mix

Junior Division

Tatum Boyd

Entry – Muffins

Entry – Dec Cookies

1st – Skill-A-Thon Contest

Adelyn Cline

1st – Muffins

2nd – Dec Cookies

Kodie Fleming

Junior Sweepstakes Award

Entry – Muffins

2nd – Biscuits

Entry – Drop Cookies

Entry – Dec Cookies

1st – Jelly

1st - Salsa

Max Garza

Entry – Muffins

Entry – Dec Cookies

Rorie Hendrich

2nd – Drop Cookies

Addisyn Hogg

3rd – Drop Cookies

Entry – Dec Cookies

Brycen Kurts

Entry – Dec Cookies

Jaxon Lehnert

Entry – Dec Cookies

Simon Regnier-Nelson

Entry – Drop Cookies

Entry – Decorated Cookies

Morgan Rorabaugh

3rd – Muffins

1st – Biscuits

Entry – Drop Cookies

3rd – Dec Cookies

2nd - Salsa


Oklahoma 4-H Foundation Essay Contest

Members ages 13 and older are encouraged to enter the Dr Ron and Linda Sholar Essay Contest sponsored by Dr. Ron and Linda Scholar. The Sholar’s strongly support youth development programs that encourage the recognition of excellent communication skills criti-cal for success.

The purpose of the essay contest is to:  Provide participants an opportunity to express themselves in regards to the impact of 4-H on their home state of Oklahoma and the influence of 4-H on them personally. 4-h Encourage the development of excellent skills of written expression.

Theme is "Because of 4-H, I can….." All essays should be no less than 1,000 words and no more than 1,200 words, typed and double spaced. Include your name, age, address, telephone number, school, and grade as well as a statement from a parent, guardian or 4-H Edu-cator certifying that the essay is your original work. The main selec-tion criteria will be creativity and presentation of thought.

Entry deadline is April 27, 2018 to: Oklahoma 4-H Foundation, Inc., Attn: Sarah Dunn, 205 4-H Youth Dev Bldg, Stillwater, OK 74078-6063.

Essay contest winners will be selected and notified in May of 2018, and the formal presentation of award checks will be made dur-ing State 4-H Roundup. First place cash prize $500, $300 for second place and $200 for third.

All entries become the property of the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation



Beaver County 4-H Officers will be hosting a Change for Change Bake Sale fundraiser on February 6th at the basketball game in Beaver at 4:00pm. All proceeds will go to Change for Change. Each 4-H family is asked to furnish 1-2 baked goods. County officers will run the booth.

2018 Special Clovers Camp

Blast Off to Better Health, Special Clo-vers Camp will be held March 24 and 25th. The camp is open to 4-H members (8-17 years of age) with special needs. Campers will enjoy a full 4-H camp experience, com-plete with team-building exercises, outdoor activities, crafts and more!

4-H members (14-18 years of age) can also serve as a Clo-ver Buddy to mentor campers. Clover buddies will arrive on March 23rd for training and camp preparation. Clover Buddies will also receive via conference call training prior to the camp.

Registration materials will be available February 1. Cost of the camp will be $15. The camp is supported through a grant.


This year the 4-H Speech Contest offered a variety of speeches including: Pre-pared, Illustrated, PowerPoint, Video and last but not least a fun and humorous Grab Bag Impromptu Speech Contest. The Grab Bag Impromptu Contest consisted of an oral presentation in which the member draws a slip of paper with an item listed; the item is then given to the member to use for their topic. Member is given two minutes to prepare their sales pitch for the item to market it to the judge. Criteria for judging is based on: introduction, persuasion, body language/voice, and answering questions. Pictured below are the twelve Beaver County 4-H participants.

Pumpkin contest


Morgan Rorabaugh

Keira Graves

Junior Division

Tatum Boyd—Champion

Angela Pell—Res Champion

Macie Draper

Adelyn Cline

Hallie Nine

Intermediate Division

Bailey Boyd—Champion

Rebecca Morrison—Res Champion

Caleb Morrison

John Morrison

Johnathan Nelson

Senior Division

Amanda Bolinger—Champion

Dannie Regnier-Nelson—Reserve


Mary Morrison

Carson Bolinger

Whitley Welch


Seven Beaver County 4-H’ers attended the NWD Leadership Confer-ence the evening of October 18th and until 4:00pm on October 19th. Dele-gates participated in Leadership Workshops, 4-H Dance, Agri-Corp Activ-ities/Presentation, games and a hypnotist on the last day.

Congratulations to Amanda Bolinger who was voted to serve as the NW District 4-H President.


Overstreet 4-H Club

Beaver 4-H Club will meet on Thurs, Dec 21st at 5:45pm at the Bea-ver Fairgrounds to go caroling. Beaver 4-H would like to invite all county 4-H’ers to also participate.

Beaver 4-H Club’s November 4th meeting was held at the Beaver Fairgrounds. 4-H members cooked a Thanksgiving meal for their fam-ilies. Below are members preparing the meal.

Overstreet 4-H Club will meet on Monday, December 11th at 6:00pm at the Over-street School House.

Overstreet 4-H Club meet on November 12th and host-ed a Veterans Day Dinner for the community.

Upcoming 4-H Night With The Blue

For those who are unfamiliar with the Blue, they are the Oklahoma City Thunder’s development team. They are offering 4-H friends and families discounted tickets to attend the January 6th game at the Cox Convention Center in OKC. This game is more than just discounted tickets, as it will include healthy living programming as well as pro-mote 4-H to attendees. Tickets are $12 per person. Deadline to pur-chase tickets is Friday, December 15th.

Citizenship Washington Focus is a 4-H leadership program for high school youth. June 14-24, 2018 delegations of 15- to 18-year-olds from across the country attend this program at the National 4-H Conference Center, located just outside Washing-ton, D.C. Participants attend workshops, committee meetings, field trips and social events for hands-on opportunities to learn and grow. The cost is $1,540. For more information, please visit the state 4-H website at http://4h.okstate.edu/events-and-activities/national-events/citizenship-washington-focus-2/citizenship-washington-focus

Registration paperwork and payment are due in the state 4-H office by February 23, 2018.

Balko 4-H Meeting, October 9th, Halle Littau made pumpkin tray favors.

Balko 4-H meeting, November 13th, Kodie Fleming made Candy Cane Reindeer tray favors for Beaver Nursing Home.

Date of Event: February 16th-17th, 2018

Registration Due: February 1st, 2018

Price: $45 per participant

$25 per adult

This year the theme is Star Wars; participants will build a minia-ture light saber, explore robotics, "use the force" of static electrici-ty, and experience many other exciting exhibits and activities. The event is perfect for 8-12 year old youth, but every age seems to enjoy it as well! It includes the new exhibit CurioCity, Planetari-um, Science Live show, Science Activity Tables and fun filled evening exploring the Science Museum. For more information, and for the registration forms and instructions, please visit: http://4h.okstate.edu/projects/science-and-technology/4-h-bright-nights-1

Balko 4-H Club’s meeting will be December 11th at 7:00pm at the Balko Baptist Church.

Balko 4-H Club

The club at their No-vember 14th meeting made recyclable Holi-day crafts, Top hats, out of tin cans to be enter in the fair.

Turpin 4-H Club

Turpin 4-H Club’s meeting will be held December 19th at 6:00pm in the Turpin School cafeteria. Their guest will be Mary Morrison and members will be decorating Holiday cookies and having a party.

Johnathan Regnier-Nelson received 1st place on his Junior Ag Advocacy speech at the American Farmers & Ranchers District Speech Contest on November 9th at Enid.

Johnathan also gave his speech for Bea-ver Rotary on November 16th at Beaver. Johnathan answered several questions asked by Rotary members on his speech topic and the Beaver County 4-H Program.








November 22, 2017

The Beaver County 4-H Speech Contest was held on November 7th at the Beaver Extension Conference Room. Results are as follows:

4-H Speeches

Junior Division (3rd – 5th Grades)

Morgan Rorabaugh Blue, Champ

Scout Rorabaugh Blue, Res Champ

Simon Regnier-Nelson Blue

Justin Jett Blue

Intermediate Division (6th – 8th Grades)

Rebecca Morrison Blue, Champion

Caleb Morrison Blue, Res Champion

John Morrison Blue

Johnathan Regnier-Nelson Blue

Conner Stahly Blue

Senior Division (9th-12th Grades)

Amanda Bolinger Blue, Champion

Mary Morrison Blue, Res Champ

Grab Bag Impromptu Speeches

Junior Division (3rd – 5th Grades)

Morgan Rorabaugh Blue

Scout Rorabaugh Blue

Simon Regnier-Nelson Blue

Justin Jett Blue

Intermediate Division (6th – 8th Grades)

Rebecca Morrison Blue

Caleb Morrison Blue

Johnathan Regnier-Nelson Blue

Conner Stahly Blue

Senior Division (9th-12th Grades)

Amanda Bolinger Blue

Mary Morrison Blue

Video Contest

Junior Division (3rd – 5th Grades)

Justin Jett Blue