Beaver, Ok

4-H Food Show Results

December 2, 2017 - 2:00pm - Beaver Fairgrounds

Scout Rorabaugh

2nd – Muffins

Entry – Biscuits

Entry – Drop Cookies

Entry – Dec Cookies

3rd – Salsa

2nd – Skill-a-Thon Contest

Kelby Sager

Entry – Muffins

3rd – Biscuits

1st – Drop Cookies

1st – Dec Cookies

Intermediate Division

Bailey Boyd

1st – Yeast Bread

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

2nd – Skill-A-Thon Contest

Jaqueline Caballero

1st – Dec Cupcakes

Aubree Coates

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Braxton Fowler

2nd – Yeast Bread

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Jaylin Harris

3rd – Cinnamon Rolls

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Carson Hendrich

1st – Sugar Cookies

Jaret Hogg

3rd – Yeast Bread

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Riley Lehnert

2nd – Dec Cupcakes

Caleb Morrison

1st – Cinnamon Rolls

3rd – Dec Cupcakes

1st – Diversity Poster

1st – Nutrition Poster

1st – Skill-A-Thon Contest

John Morrison

2nd – Cinnamon Rolls

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

1st – Buffet Display

Rebecca Morrison

Entry – Cinnamon Rolls

3rd – Sugar Cookies

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

3rd – Diversity Poster

2nd – Nutrition Poster

Khadence Morton

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Johnathan Regnier-Nelson

Intermediate Sweepstakes Award

Entry – Yeast Bread

Entry – Cinnamon Rolls

2nd – Sugar Cookies

Entry – Decorated Cupcakes

1st – Pickles/Relish

1st – Canned Fruit

2nd – Diversity Poster

3rd – Nutrition Poster

1st – Safety Poster

2nd – Buffet Display

Reagan Romero

Entry – Cinnamon Rolls

Entry – Dec Cupcakes

Senior Division

Mary Morrison

1st – Bread

2nd – Decorated Cake

1st – Safety Poster

1st – Skill-A-Thon Contest

Dannie Regnier-Nelson

Senior Sweepstakes Award

3rd – Bread

1st – Cake

3rd – Decorated Cake

2nd – Canned Veggies

1st – Canned Tomatoes

2nd – Food Safety Poster

1st – Careers Poster

2nd – Skill-A-Thon Contest

Whitley Welch

2nd – Bread

1st – Dec Cake

1st – Canned Veggies

1st – Nutrition Display


Group Contest - Family Meal Display

1st – Balko 4-H Club

Cloverbud Division

Kaleb Fleming

Drink Mix

Junior Division

Tatum Boyd

Entry – Muffins

Entry – Dec Cookies

1st – Skill-A-Thon Contest

Adelyn Cline

1st – Muffins

2nd – Dec Cookies

Kodie Fleming

Junior Sweepstakes Award

Entry – Muffins

2nd – Biscuits

Entry – Drop Cookies

Entry – Dec Cookies

1st – Jelly

1st - Salsa

Max Garza

Entry – Muffins

Entry – Dec Cookies

Rorie Hendrich

2nd – Drop Cookies

Addisyn Hogg

3rd – Drop Cookies

Entry – Dec Cookies

Brycen Kurts

Entry – Dec Cookies

Jaxon Lehnert

Entry – Dec Cookies

Simon Regnier-Nelson

Entry – Drop Cookies

Entry – Decorated Cookies

Morgan Rorabaugh

3rd – Muffins

1st – Biscuits

Entry – Drop Cookies

3rd – Dec Cookies

2nd - Salsa


Oklahoma 4-H Foundation Essay Contest

Members ages 13 and older are encouraged to enter the Dr Ron and Linda Sholar Essay Contest sponsored by Dr. Ron and Linda Scholar. The Sholar’s strongly support youth development programs that encourage the recognition of excellent communication skills criti-cal for success.

The purpose of the essay contest is to:  Provide participants an opportunity to express themselves in regards to the impact of 4-H on their home state of Oklahoma and the influence of 4-H on them personally. 4-h Encourage the development of excellent skills of written expression.

Theme is "Because of 4-H, I can….." All essays should be no less than 1,000 words and no more than 1,200 words, typed and double spaced. Include your name, age, address, telephone number, school, and grade as well as a statement from a parent, guardian or 4-H Edu-cator certifying that the essay is your original work. The main selec-tion criteria will be creativity and presentation of thought.

Entry deadline is April 27, 2018 to: Oklahoma 4-H Foundation, Inc., Attn: Sarah Dunn, 205 4-H Youth Dev Bldg, Stillwater, OK 74078-6063.

Essay contest winners will be selected and notified in May of 2018, and the formal presentation of award checks will be made dur-ing State 4-H Roundup. First place cash prize $500, $300 for second place and $200 for third.

All entries become the property of the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation



Beaver County 4-H Officers will be hosting a Change for Change Bake Sale fundraiser on February 6th at the basketball game in Beaver at 4:00pm. All proceeds will go to Change for Change. Each 4-H family is asked to furnish 1-2 baked goods. County officers will run the booth.

2018 Special Clovers Camp

Blast Off to Better Health, Special Clo-vers Camp will be held March 24 and 25th. The camp is open to 4-H members (8-17 years of age) with special needs. Campers will enjoy a full 4-H camp experience, com-plete with team-building exercises, outdoor activities, crafts and more!

4-H members (14-18 years of age) can also serve as a Clo-ver Buddy to mentor campers. Clover buddies will arrive on March 23rd for training and camp preparation. Clover Buddies will also receive via conference call training prior to the camp.

Registration materials will be available February 1. Cost of the camp will be $15. The camp is supported through a grant.


This year the 4-H Speech Contest offered a variety of speeches including: Pre-pared, Illustrated, PowerPoint, Video and last but not least a fun and humorous Grab Bag Impromptu Speech Contest. The Grab Bag Impromptu Contest consisted of an oral presentation in which the member draws a slip of paper with an item listed; the item is then given to the member to use for their topic. Member is given two minutes to prepare their sales pitch for the item to market it to the judge. Criteria for judging is based on: introduction, persuasion, body language/voice, and answering questions. Pictured below are the twelve Beaver County 4-H participants.

Pumpkin contest


Morgan Rorabaugh

Keira Graves

Junior Division

Tatum Boyd—Champion

Angela Pell—Res Champion

Macie Draper

Adelyn Cline

Hallie Nine

Intermediate Division

Bailey Boyd—Champion

Rebecca Morrison—Res Champion

Caleb Morrison

John Morrison

Johnathan Nelson

Senior Division

Amanda Bolinger—Champion

Dannie Regnier-Nelson—Reserve


Mary Morrison

Carson Bolinger

Whitley Welch


Seven Beaver County 4-H’ers attended the NWD Leadership Confer-ence the evening of October 18th and until 4:00pm on October 19th. Dele-gates participated in Leadership Workshops, 4-H Dance, Agri-Corp Activ-ities/Presentation, games and a hypnotist on the last day.

Congratulations to Amanda Bolinger who was voted to serve as the NW District 4-H President.


Overstreet 4-H Club

Beaver 4-H Club will meet on Thurs, Dec 21st at 5:45pm at the Bea-ver Fairgrounds to go caroling. Beaver 4-H would like to invite all county 4-H’ers to also participate.

Beaver 4-H Club’s November 4th meeting was held at the Beaver Fairgrounds. 4-H members cooked a Thanksgiving meal for their fam-ilies. Below are members preparing the meal.

Overstreet 4-H Club will meet on Monday, December 11th at 6:00pm at the Over-street School House.

Overstreet 4-H Club meet on November 12th and host-ed a Veterans Day Dinner for the community.

Upcoming 4-H Night With The Blue

For those who are unfamiliar with the Blue, they are the Oklahoma City Thunder’s development team. They are offering 4-H friends and families discounted tickets to attend the January 6th game at the Cox Convention Center in OKC. This game is more than just discounted tickets, as it will include healthy living programming as well as pro-mote 4-H to attendees. Tickets are $12 per person. Deadline to pur-chase tickets is Friday, December 15th.

Citizenship Washington Focus is a 4-H leadership program for high school youth. June 14-24, 2018 delegations of 15- to 18-year-olds from across the country attend this program at the National 4-H Conference Center, located just outside Washing-ton, D.C. Participants attend workshops, committee meetings, field trips and social events for hands-on opportunities to learn and grow. The cost is $1,540. For more information, please visit the state 4-H website at http://4h.okstate.edu/events-and-activities/national-events/citizenship-washington-focus-2/citizenship-washington-focus

Registration paperwork and payment are due in the state 4-H office by February 23, 2018.

Balko 4-H Meeting, October 9th, Halle Littau made pumpkin tray favors.

Balko 4-H meeting, November 13th, Kodie Fleming made Candy Cane Reindeer tray favors for Beaver Nursing Home.

Date of Event: February 16th-17th, 2018

Registration Due: February 1st, 2018

Price: $45 per participant

$25 per adult

This year the theme is Star Wars; participants will build a minia-ture light saber, explore robotics, "use the force" of static electrici-ty, and experience many other exciting exhibits and activities. The event is perfect for 8-12 year old youth, but every age seems to enjoy it as well! It includes the new exhibit CurioCity, Planetari-um, Science Live show, Science Activity Tables and fun filled evening exploring the Science Museum. For more information, and for the registration forms and instructions, please visit: http://4h.okstate.edu/projects/science-and-technology/4-h-bright-nights-1

Balko 4-H Club’s meeting will be December 11th at 7:00pm at the Balko Baptist Church.

Balko 4-H Club

The club at their No-vember 14th meeting made recyclable Holi-day crafts, Top hats, out of tin cans to be enter in the fair.

Turpin 4-H Club

Turpin 4-H Club’s meeting will be held December 19th at 6:00pm in the Turpin School cafeteria. Their guest will be Mary Morrison and members will be decorating Holiday cookies and having a party.

Johnathan Regnier-Nelson received 1st place on his Junior Ag Advocacy speech at the American Farmers & Ranchers District Speech Contest on November 9th at Enid.

Johnathan also gave his speech for Bea-ver Rotary on November 16th at Beaver. Johnathan answered several questions asked by Rotary members on his speech topic and the Beaver County 4-H Program.








November 22, 2017

The Beaver County 4-H Speech Contest was held on November 7th at the Beaver Extension Conference Room. Results are as follows:

4-H Speeches

Junior Division (3rd – 5th Grades)

Morgan Rorabaugh Blue, Champ

Scout Rorabaugh Blue, Res Champ

Simon Regnier-Nelson Blue

Justin Jett Blue

Intermediate Division (6th – 8th Grades)

Rebecca Morrison Blue, Champion

Caleb Morrison Blue, Res Champion

John Morrison Blue

Johnathan Regnier-Nelson Blue

Conner Stahly Blue

Senior Division (9th-12th Grades)

Amanda Bolinger Blue, Champion

Mary Morrison Blue, Res Champ

Grab Bag Impromptu Speeches

Junior Division (3rd – 5th Grades)

Morgan Rorabaugh Blue

Scout Rorabaugh Blue

Simon Regnier-Nelson Blue

Justin Jett Blue

Intermediate Division (6th – 8th Grades)

Rebecca Morrison Blue

Caleb Morrison Blue

Johnathan Regnier-Nelson Blue

Conner Stahly Blue

Senior Division (9th-12th Grades)

Amanda Bolinger Blue

Mary Morrison Blue

Video Contest

Junior Division (3rd – 5th Grades)

Justin Jett Blue