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Under and by virtue of Section 26, Article X of the Oklahoma Constitution and Title 70, Article XV, Oklahoma Statutes 2011, and other laws supplementary and amendatory thereto and a Resolution of the Board of Education of Independent School District Number 22 of Beaver County, Oklahoma, adopted on the 6th day of November, 2017, an election is hereby called to be held in said School District on the 13th day of February, 2018, for the purpose of submitting to the registered qualified electors thereof the following propositions:


"Shall Independent School District Number 22 of Beaver County, Oklahoma, incur an indebtedness by issuing its bonds in the sum of Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,500,000) to provide funds for the purpose of constructing, equipping, repairing and remodeling school buildings, acquiring school furniture, fixtures and equipment and acquiring and improving school sites and levy and collect an annual tax, in addition to all other taxes, upon all the taxable property in such District sufficient to pay the interest on such bonds as it falls due and also to constitute a sinking fund for the payment of the principal thereof when due, said bonds to bear interest not to exceed the rate of ten (10%) percentum per annum, payable semi-annually and to become due serially within seven (7) years from their date?"


"Shall Independent School District Number 22 of Beaver County, Oklahoma, incur an indebtedness by issuing its bonds in the sum of Three Hundred Sixty Thousand Dollars ($360,000) to provide funds for the purpose of purchasing transportation equipment and levy and collect an annual tax, in addition to all other taxes, upon all the taxable property in such District sufficient to pay the interest on such bonds as it falls due and also to constitute a sinking fund for the payment of the principal thereof when due, said bonds to bear interest not to exceed the rate of ten (10%) percentum per annum, payable semi-annually and to become due serially within five (5) years from their date?"

The voting machines or voting devises used at said election shall set out each proposition as above set forth and shall also contain, with respect to each proposition, the following words:

¨ For the above proposition

¨ Against the above proposition

The polls shall be opened at seven o’clock A.M. and remain open continuously until and be closed at seven o’clock P.M.

The number and location of the polling places and the names of the persons who shall conduct said election shall be designated by the County Election Board(s). Such officers shall also act as counters.

The specific projects for which at least seventy (70%) percent of the proceeds of the aforesaid Bonds shall be expended and the dollar amounts for each project shall be as follows:

Proposition No. 1

Repair and/or replace roofs throughout the school district; lighting replacement/repair; construct and install a new track; acquire technology equipment throughout the district; as well as additional school furniture, fixtures and equipment $2,500,000

Proposition No. 2

Acquire student transportation equipment $ 360,000

WITNESS our hands as President and Clerk of the above Board of Education and the seal of said School District this 6th day of November, 2017.


President, Board of Education



Clerk, Board of Education

(Published in The Herald-Democrat January 25 & February 1, 2018)

Beaver fifth graders networking with postcards

Fifth graders at Beaver Elementary School in Oklahoma are networking in a big way: through the power of postcards. At the beginning of the school year, students were challenged by their teacher, California transplant, Courtney Ridens, to engage in a postcard exchange that would connect them with students in schools across all 50 states. The challenge, created by fellow Bay Area teacher, Erin Levy, was originally established as a project for her own students to send and receive postcards from all 50 states - whether from friends, family, or distant connections.

However, thanks to the power of social media, the postcard exchange has evolved into a behemoth of a collaborative effort, with participants from nearly 400 schools on an international scale engaging one another through facts about their towns, states, and countries. It has become a positive and creative way for teachers to work with students in a differentiated setting: blending their writing, research, and history skills, while engaging in a project that will be shown off to a grander audience than the eyes of their own peers.

When Ms. Ridens signed up Beaver’s fifth grade classes in August, the group was registered to the fourth of 11 potential postcard groups, ultimately receiving signups from 56 schools across 44 states in their section, and one additional signup from a school in Morocco. There are few requirements for the project, other than the importance of correctly labeling postcards. Students are reminded to ensure their names, schools, and pertinent information are included in the letter. Of the 56 schools, Beaver’s fifth graders have so far received postcards from 21 schools from every region of the United States.

In order to create an effective letter, students spent time reading postcards as they came in, making notes about each: what grabbed their interest, what they wished was included, and what they would like to make sure was embedded in our class’s letter. Ms. Ridens often lead the whole class in brainstorming sessions, gleaning what they felt was absolutely necessary to include in their cards to other schools. Students wanted to share Beaver’s population, local hotspots, and the unique weather patterns throughout the state. They also wanted to help people understand what it means to say they live in the "panhandle," after Ms. Ridens told them stories of people in California not recognizing the state, itself, looks like a pan.

Through their collaborative efforts, students orally dictated a letter, and Ms. Ridens typed their exact phrasing onto the classroom’s SmartBoard, so students were able to visually see the letter come together. Through this, students were able to revise, scrap, and restructure the letter as they saw fit. Students were then given blank postcards and one requirement from their teacher: design how they chose, but keep it relevant to the town of Beaver, the state of Oklahoma, or both. Thankfully, Beaver School District has provided the classroom with 1:1 technology, meaning each student has their own Chromebook to work with during the school day. With this fortunate opportunity, students were able to research additional facts about Oklahoma and the town of Beaver to include on their cards while finding images that would be appropriate for their larger audience.

In one fell swoop, students cut, glued, signed, and addressed their uniquely decorated postcards to be sent around the country. Sharing their excitement to receive postcards from other schools, students were equally exuberant about sending cards that they know would take a grand journey through the mail, reaching students at other schools. Through the power of a button on social media, students were able to engage in a fun challenge that allowed them to connect with others in a now old-fashioned manner: through the power of a stamp


Spirit of giving important

 lesson for Leishers

When 3-year-old Easton Leisher won the beautiful ginger bread house at the Beaver County Library recently, his parents knew they might not have room for it at their home especially during the Christmas season.

So, the Leishers took it to the Beaver County Nursing Home and donated it to the residents for the holidays.

"We were afraid he might not understand or event have a melt down giving it away to someone else," his dad, Clay, said. "However, he did great and said it made him very happy to do something nice for others at Christmas time."

Clay and McKenzie are definitely proud parents!

Oklahoma Senate District 27 final results; Murdock wins Republican primary

Murdock won Beaver County with 54.22 percent of the vote.

Murdock won Cimarron County with 63.15 percent of the vote.

Templin won Dewey County with 61.18 percent of the vote.

Templin won Ellis County with 36.29 percent of the vote.

Murdock won Harper County with 40.34 percent of the vote.

Templin won Major County with 41.68 percent of the vote.

Murdock won Texas County with 49.17 percent of the vote.

Templin won Woods County with 35.64 percent of the vote.

McClarty won Woodward County with 41.14 percent of the vote.

Overall, the votes are as follows:

-Tommy Nicholson: 117 1.78%

-Michael Medill: 59 0.90%

-Jeff Hall: 842 12.81%

-Travis Templin: 1,856 28.23%

-Casey Murdock: 2,181 33.17%

-Carolyn McLarty: 1,520 23.12%

TOTAL: 6,575 votes cast

For Senate District 27, Casey Murdock won the overall vote with 33.17% percent of the primary. He will move forward to the General Special Election to run against Democratic candidate Amber Jensen.


Beaver American Legion Post #149

the first Thursday of each month

at the Jones and Plummer Trail Museum

at 7 p.m. in the Calhoon Room





Nice crowd of folks that saw the 2015 Cow Chip Throw and got to participate when a chip would come apart and shower folks with the pieces
 Saturday, April 18, 2015
Drew Russell, son of Brock Russell of Beaver, set a new Men's Throw record.

Here is his toss Saturday, April 18, 2015

188 feet six inches

It was a record setting week at the 2015 Cimarron Territory Celebration, which ended Saturday evening with the 46th annual World Cow Chip Throwing Contest and demolition derby.

Huge crowds - including 300 or more people to watch the chip throw - were present at every event during the week.

"The celebration went very well," Chamber of Commerce president Brandon Porter said. "We were really pleased with everything from start to finish. We can’t express how much we appreciate our community for the support we get each and every year."

The 14-year-old men’s world chip toss record was broken Saturday by a BHS alum - Drew Russell, who tossed his chip 188 feet, 6 inches. The old record was 185-5. Last year’s champion - Jon Elfers of Beaver finished in second place, while James Pratt was third. Elfers threw his chip 150-11 and Pratt’s toss was 102-9.

And, for the seventh straight year, Teri Welty of Laverne won the women’s title. She threw the chip 100-1 and beat multi-time champ Dana Valentine Martin, who was second. Savannah Tillman, also a BHS alum, was third with a toss of 80-1.

In the VIP race, Liberal Mayor Joe Denoyer was first once again with a toss of 81-4 with State Representative Casey Murdock finishing second with a toss of 60-10.



Beaver County Sheriff's office rescue vehicle, It can be used to rescue someone injured at Beaver Dunes and then brought back and delivered to an ambulance. A Medlite Transport device to be installed in the vehicle was donated.
The vehicle was taken to the park and was able to travel all over the Dunes and is available to be used during a rescue. Friday, May 2, 2015.




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