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Darlene Lansden

"The Beaver County Assessor's Office ain't broke and running very good and Efficiently!"

Let Us Not Fix It!!!

Keep Darlene as Assessor



Editorial from Joe

I am NOT too old to work and neither is my wife, Darlene!

I can still operate a computer, run a press, take photos, write articles, print envelopes, flyers, mow my own yard, work on my stuff, and maybe find time to do a little fishing. (Do not tell me and my wife we are too old? This is a very moot point for me!)

I enjoy my kids, grandkids, work, church and community and so does my wife, Darlene.

Please do not tell me we are too old and cannot shirk our responsibilities like some folks do. We both still enjoy working. We ain’t the only ones who do not want to quit. (Especially the way the USA is going! With some families, it takes two to work to survive in today’s economy!)

It ain’t broke! Do not have to fix it..


I get the dangest calls. Someone called me and wanted me to change my health insurance and send me to a specialists, make appointments, and set up a series of calls to compare my insurance with theirs.

So immediately they wanted to send me off and make appointments, etc.

Well I stopped the call when they asked if I was ready?

I told them my present insurance ain’t broke and I ain’t gonna fix it. I was happy with my insurance and do not call again. (Amazing how many times I have told callers to do not call again and I am on the national Do Not Call List!)

I am sure I will get final courtesy calls (I have received close to 10 here lately!)


Nope! It ain’t broke and ready to help my family go to college or anything else as best I can.

I won’t give up without fighting for what I believe!

You see I believe like the Dusters do! It is catching! I believe in myself and my wife, Darlene. You cannot take that away from us! (Surely by now you have it figured out1)


I generally write down both sides on a piece of paper for my own benefit and make my choice for what ever I am doing. For the Assessor’s race, there is no question in my mind on how to vote.


My dad always said "Death and Taxes" are part of life.


Class reunions this year at Beaver, Balko and Gate. Busy time for everyone.


Memorial Day is coming up very soon and we decorate our graves from loved one who have passed plus Veterans.


Beaver American Legion Post 149 will be meeting the first Thursday of each month at 5:30 P.M.. at the Jones and Plummer Trail Museum. You are welcome to attend..


Please remember our deadlines for news, legals and advertising which in on Mondays and sometimes Monday holidays change things. If you want something printed in the newspaper on Tuesday, it won’t happen. We print on Tuesdays which means getting in line to print.


Darci Lynn recently received the Little Sure Shot Award from and Annie Oakley Society recently at the Oklahoma Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. First ever award.

Gosh maybe Darci can come to Beaver and help us with the Cimarron Territory Celebration (Cowchip)!

That would be a good draw for us and a popular show.


The Beaver County Assessor’s office still ain’t broke. No need to fix it!

Under the present Assessor the office has become more transparent than in the past thanks to a very efficient staff of three.

Vote for Darlene. Help keep Beaver County in Compliance with the Oklahoma Tax Commission Tuesday, June 26, 2018.

(They are ahead of last year by a bunch! And gaining every day now with quality help!)




Officials at Beaver High School have named 12 honor students for the Class of 2018. They are: Amanda Bolinger, Rebekah Dame, Bailey Judd, Emilie Kemp, Devyn Lansden, Natalie Linville, Hannah Mosburg, Zurab Mikishvili, Jenna Pugh, Ulisses Ramirez, Gage Scott and Haleigh Starr.

Bolinger is the daughter of Matt and Debbie Bolinger. She has one brother, Carson, who is a sophomore at BHS.

Amanda has been active in fast pitch softball, tennis, vocal, band, NHS, FCA and 4-H. She has served as the FCA president. She was also recently named an Academic All-Stater by the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence.

She plans to attend the Oklahoma State University, where she has been accepted into the honors program. She plans to major in animal science and pre-veterinary and hopes to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Dame is the daughter of Billy Dame and Angie Dame. She has two sisters: Kaitlin, a 2017 graduate and Jenah, an eighth grader.

She has been active in basketball, fast pitch and slowpitch softball, track, FCS, band and vocal. She is the STUCO senior class representative, NHS vice-president and band secretary.

Dame plans to attend Southwestern Oklahoma State University and major in accounting/business finance.

Judd is the daughter of Randy and Debra Judd.

She has been active in tennis, cross country, vocal, NHS, STUCO and is the senior class secretary.

Bailey plans to attend Northwestern Oklahoma State University and get a business entrepreneurship degree.

Kemp is the daughter of Steve and Angie Kemp. She has three siblings: brothers Kaleb and Dakota and sister Kaitlin, a BHS graduate of 2014.

She has been active in basketball, track and as a football watergirl. She has participated in FCA, NHS and STUCO. She is the treasurer for FCA and NHS.

Emilie plans to attend Oklahoma Baptist University and earn a degree in digital media.

Lansden is the daughter of Brent and Christi Lansden. She has two siblings: Gunnar, a graduate of 2014 and Averi, who graduated in 2017.

During high school, she has been active in fast and slow pitch softball, basketball, cheer, band, vocal, STUCO and NHS. She has served as the STUCO vice-president this year.

Devyn plans to attend Northwestern Oklahoma State University to begin pursuing a degree in dental hygiene.

Linville is the daughter of Mike and Brandii Linville. She has one sister, Maggie and two brothers - Andrew and twin Ryder.

She has been active in softball, basketball, football watergirl, band, vocal and academic team. She is a member of NHS and STUCO.

Natalie will attend Northwestern Oklahoma State University and play in the band. She will major in pre-med.

Mosburg is the daughter of Bobby and Beth Mosburg. She has two brothers - Calleb, a graduate of 2003 and Adam, a graudate of 2005. She also has a sister Rachael Richardson, a graduate of 2011.

She has been involved in cheerleading, fast and slow pitch softball, basketball, track, STUCO, vocal, band and the mentoring program throughout high school. She is president of the senior class, NHS and FCS and also the editor of the yearbook.

Hannah plans to attend Northwestern Oklahoma State University, where she was accepted into the President’s Leadership Class and cheer squad. She plans to major in accounting with a minor in business.

Mikiashvili is the son of Mamuka and Maka Mikiashvili. He has one sister, Tekla, who is a seventh grader.

Zurab participated in academic team and basketball while at BHS. In Georgia, he was part of the basketball team, soccer team, volleyball team and chess team. In his free time, he likes to play basketball and chat with friends.

Zurab will be attending Georgian University in the capitol city of Georgia. He will study management and social studies.

Pugh is the daughter of Mike and Starr Pugh. She has five brothers: Daniel (Class of 2010), Zach and Austen (Class of 2012), Trae (Class of 2014) and Clay, who is a freshman.

Jenna has been active in cross country, basketball, track, vocal, STUCO and NHS.

She will attend Oklahoma Panhandle State University and will play for the women’s basketball team and singing in the choir. She plans to major in health and physical education with a minor in sports psychology.

Ramirez is the son of Juan and Rosalinda Ramirez. She has three siblings: Lizeth Ramirez, Johanna Ramirez and Mariano Ramirez. He has participated in basketball.

Ulisses plans to join the US Army, where he will continue his college plans. He will work as a chemical, biological and radiological nuclear specialist.

Scott is the son of Forrest and Krystal Scott. He has one brother, Drake, Class of 2015, and a sister Mallory, a third grader.

Gage has been active in basketball, football, aid for grade school athletics, vocal, STUCO, NHS, FFA, FCS, mentoring program, and is the senior class reporter. He is active in the First Baptist Church youth group. He runs his own lawn care business in the summer.

He plans to attend Central Wyoming University and then transfer to the University of Wyoming to major in wildlife and fisheries biology and management.

Starr is the daughter of Brian and Leah Starr. She has one brother, Hunter, Class of 2015.

Haleigh served as STUCO president and is a member of NHS, band and vocal. She played basketball, softball and was a cheerleader during all four years. Outside of school, she competes in multiply dance competitions and teaches dance.

She plans to attend the Oklahoma State University in the fall.


Dean Niles Honored in 2015 with Appreciation Award

Mr. Niles Thanks former students May 23, 2015. Federal Judge Tim Leonard and Don Jenkins pictured on the right holding the plaque. (Photo by Joe)


2018 OSU Wheat Field Day to be held at Balko and Hooker

Choosing the right wheat variety can have a huge impact on profit. The Oklahoma State University small grains variety testing program is designed to deliver timely information to producers on currently-available wheat cultivars that might be well-adapted to Oklahoma. Emphasis is placed on local-control of test sites and locations span the state from Afton to Olustee to Keyes. Each year we test between 20 and 30 cultivars at 20 to 25 sites for an annual total of over 2,500 individual plots sown and harvested. In addition, we measure and report phenological and physiological plant parameters, such as coleoptile length and first hollow stem, which are important for adaptability to Oklahoma.

The Field Day May 25th, will start at the Hooker site at 9:30am, located 3 miles northeast of the 54 and 64 junction, then north ¼ mile on county road 48. The Balko site will start a 1:00pm, located approximately 1 mile west of the Balko School, north side of Highway 412

3-Day Tractor Safety Certification Course Offered

May 29-31, 2018  -  Beaver County Extension Office

Agricultural production continues to be one of the most hazardous occupations in the United States. Children and youth under the age of 18 account for a disproportionate share of farm-related fatalities and injuries, especially those incidents involving tractors and machinery. If a child is younger than 16 years of age and is considering employment on a farm or ranch, be aware that state and federal laws are in place that are designed to protect him or her from being exposed to tasks considered especially hazardous. These laws either restrict youth from performing certain hazardous tasks or require certification of training prior to performing certain tasks considered hazardous for youth. These restrictions currently DO NOT apply to your own children operating tractors and equipment on your own farm or ranch, or one operated by you, or in cases where you have assigned the role of guardianship to another person such as a relative.

To ensure that your child meets the federally mandated training requirements prior to being employed on a farm or ranch, a 3-Day Tractor Safety Training Program is being offered by Beaver County Extension Service May 29-31, 2018.

The training is designed to help participants become familiar with the most serious hazards associated with operating tractors and agricultural machinery along with the fundamentals of safe operation and maintenance. The material also covers other important safety information related to performing farm and ranch tasks and being able to respond appropriately in the event of an injury or other emergency. The training does not contain enough time to provide sufficient opportunity to develop all the skills required to become a safe tractor or machinery operator. It is assumed that participants will have access to a tractor and adequate supervision to acquire additional operator skills outside the training sessions.

It is the parent’s or employer’s responsibility to ensure that these activities do not expose youth to unacceptable levels of risk of injury. The parent is in the best position to determine whether or not their child is intellectually, emotionally, and physically prepared to safely handle certain tasks. They might consider making completion of this training a requirement prior to allowing their child to operate agricultural equipment, even if employment away from home is not being considered.

It should be noted that completion of this or any other safety training does not guarantee that participant will be a safe tractor or equipment operator, or a safe farm or ranch worker. Just knowing the safe way to complete a task does not always mean that the safe way will be chosen. The training cannot substitute for ongoing supervision, correction and evaluation, and demonstrated commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.

Please pre-register by Friday, May 25th to the Beaver County Extension


Gate Museum

We are very fortunate to have quality museums in our county that have displays from years past.

Karen Bond is the president of the group and the Museum is open Thursday and Friday from 11 to 3.

The museum can be shown by appointment. Cell 580-651-7727 Home 580-934-2291

They took the Gate railroad station and converted it to a museum plus added several rooms that house a reception area and more space for many items donated such as machinery that was made of wood, old tools, stagecoach, silica display, many, many old Gate photos of school photos and class annuals. Just to mention a very few.



WINNER - Kristen Radcliff, formerly from Forgan, is pictured on a TV screen winning the women’s division of the OKC Memorial Marathon Sunday morning. The former multi-state champion was the runner-up in the event last year.


Forgan’s Kristen Radcliff wins OKC marathon


After finishing as the OKC Memorial Marathon runner-up last year, former Forgan All-State runner Kristen Radcliff captured the title Sunday in the 2018 running.

"It's the best place to run," said Radcliff, the top female finisher in Sunday's marathon when asked about growing up in the panhandle. "It's not hilly, but it's hot and windy. In western Oklahoma, the wind never stops blowing. If you can run there, you can run about anywhere."

On Sunday, Radcliff topped the field with a winning time of 2 hours, 54 minutes and 52 seconds. It was her first Memorial Marathon victory after finishing second last year in her first attempt.

"It feels great to come away with a win," said the 29-year-old Oklahoma City resident told the Daily Oklahoman. "It is always hot and windy down Classen. I was hurting that last little bit down Classen. It was really tough, but the crowd was great. When you come down Broadway at the end, it's an incredible feeling."

Radcliff didn't have a jump shot like her brothers and sister, but she could outrun them, and everyone else, too.

At Forgan High School, Radcliff won 11 track and cross country state championships in her career. She is still the record-holder in the 3200-meter run in the state's smallest class. In 2006, when Radcliff broke the Class A 1600-meter record, she replaced her sister, Kalie, atop the record list.

Radcliff earned a scholarship to Oral Roberts University where she became the women's track MVP of The Summit League, the conference in which ORU was a member at the time.

After college, Radcliff moved to Dallas and took a break from running. She moved to Oklahoma City in 2015 and walked into OK Runner one day to buy shoes where she met Ashley Miller, who ran for the University of Nebraska. The two started running together. Now Radcliff is back running competitively and winning.

"It's because of my training partners that I am even here today. They are incredible," Radcliff said. "They motivate me. I work full-time, so it's hard to get the runs in, but when you have accountability, people in your life who support you and support your goals, that's a good thing."

Radcliff's older sister and younger twin brothers were all basketball stars at Forgan and MVPs of state championship teams.


Funeral Services for Bill Greenfield

 Friday, May 04, 2018 2 p.m.
Location: Beaver High School Auditorium

Billy Lee Greenfield was born March 17, 1961 in Branson, Missouri, to Lee Ollie and Patricia Bell (Parker) Greenfield.  He graduated high school and he joined the fire department which would be a big item in the rest of his life. He was a journeyman lineman in Moundridge, Kansas. He has been a resident of Beaver County, Oklahoma since 1993. He married Jeannie Martin in Lubbock, Texas on August 8, 1980. He attended the First Christian Church and was a member of the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department as 2nd Assistant Chief, a member of the Oklahoma EMT Association, and he was a mason.   

Bill passed suddenly on Sunday, April 29, 2018 in Moundridge, Kansas at the age of 57.   

He is survived by his wife, Jeannie, of Beaver, Oklahoma; his son, Jay Chad Greenfield of Fremont, Nebraska; his daughter, Karlista “Karli” Jean Greenfield of Bartlesville, Oklahoma; his mother, Patricia Greenfield, Brownfield, Texas:  his brothers, Lee Greenfield of San Angelo, Texas, Jesse Greenfield of Midland, Texas, Sammy Greenfield of Brownfield, Texas and a host of  other family and friends.



Hosted Gate days last week at the Museum


Beaver American Legion Post #149

the first Thursday of each month

at the Jones and Plummer Trail Museum

at 5:30 p.m. in the Calhoon Room




In the Mens Division, Garrett Nichols took 1st Place with a toss of 135 ft. followed by Terry Ecklund in 2nd with Robert O’Dell of Amarillo in 3rd.


GOVERNOR’S COMMENDATION - Mr. Cecil Mitchell was presented with a commendation from Governor Mary Fallin in honor of his 101st birthday in February. The presentation was made at the Forgan Golden Agers with many relatives and friends in attendance. Presenting the commendation to Mr. Mitchell was Colonel Calvin Moreland, assisted by Cecil’s daughter, Sue. A former resident of Beaver, Colonel Moreland is retired from the Oklahoma Air National Guard and the United States Air Force.


Cecil Mitchell awarded Commendation

by Governor Mary Fallin

On February 18, 2018, Cecil Mitchell was presented with the Governor’s Commendation awarded by Governor Mary Fallin on February 7, 2018.  This was Cecil’s 101 birthday.
The presentation was made at the Forgan Golden Agers building in Forgan with many relatives and friends in attendance.  Presenting the Commendation and representing the Oklahoma Military Department was Colonel Calvin Moreland, assisted by Sue Mitchell, Cecil’s daughter.  A former resident of Beaver, Col Moreland is retired from the Oklahoma Air National Guard and the U.S. Air Force. 
The Citation reads as follows:


                                          MARY  FALLIN

Be it resolved this Governor’s Commendation is hereby presented to:

                                     CECIL R. MITCHELL

Of Beaver, Oklahoma – in recognition of your being on this earth for

     Over a century and in appreciation of your service to our great

                  Nation in the Army Air Corps in World War II.

     It is my distinct honor to join your loved ones in offering best

 Wishes on this very special occasion, the 7th day of February, 2018.

                May your day be filled with joy and many blessings.

                                          Happy 101st Birthday!

(signed by Mary Fallin).                                                                                           




Darci's schedule

May 6 2018


Au-Rene Theater

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

May 12


David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts

Tampa, FL, United States

Jun 16


Cape Cod Melody Tent

Hyannis, MA, United States

Jun 17


South Shore Music Circus

Cohasset, MA, United States

Jun 23


Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

Hampton Beach, NH, United States

Jun 24


Merrill Auditorium

Portland, ME, United States


Kristin Martinez of Beaver got to meet Darci Farmer and friend recently. Kristin has been receiving treatment and chemo therapy, She is four years old.



BEST Honors Beaver Students Monday

A total of 70 Beaver students were honored Monday night at the annual Scholars’ Banquet, sponsored by the Beaver Education Support Team.

Dr. Callie Mosburg, a 2003 graduate, was the featured speaker to the crowd of 200 students, parents and grandparents.

Students honored were as follows:

Honor (4.0): Amanda Bolinger (12), Rebekah Dame (12), Emilie Kemp (12), Zurab Mikiashvili (12), Jeanette Levick (10), Elias Burrell (9), Angelina Marlow (9), Devyn Porter (9), Raegan Russell (9), Zoee Weaver (9), Jarrett Short (7).

Scholarship (3.75-3.99): Bailey Judd (12), Devyn Lansden (12), Natalie Linville (12), Hannah Mosburg (12), Gage Scott (12), Rylie Schlessman (11), Cierra Story (10), Sauncy Reddick (10), Lauren Weber (10), Misael Chavez (9), Joshua Levick (9), Jaydon Mills (9), Addyson Noyes (9), Yahir Rivera (9), Dalton Perry (9), Edna Garcia (8), Adam Lotfy (8), Brant Osborn (8), Chance Cash (7), Carolina Lerma (7).

Achievement (3.50-3.74): Allison Glunt (12), Gabe Osborn (12), Skyler Perry (12), Jenna Pugh (12), Uli Ramirez (12), Haleigh Starr (12), Trevor Avey (11), Giovanna Baca (11), Juliet Chaloupek (11), Gabe Harris (11), Yuri Trejo (11), Carson Bolinger (10), Kadyn Noyes (10), Landri Bennett (9), Haley Facio (9), Acacia Hoover (9), Ada Juarez (9), Sydnee Looper (9), Junior Lozano (9), Brooklyn Rigdon (9), Emily Glunt (8), Yani Nevarez (8), Willie Norton (8), Malloree Schlessman (8), Zacharie Breeze (7), Pierce Bozarth (7), Payton Konkel (7), Jillian Standley (7).

Merit (3.25-3.49): Tony Lozano (12), Diana Gonzales (11), Alan Garcia (10), Avery Harrison (10), Julie Whiteeagle (10), Patrick Humby (9), Zaccary Hugg (9), Judy Harris (7), Kylie Huntley (7), Lauren Noyes (7), Dalton Walker (7).



Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Jim Reese is shown with Troy DeWitt, Tel DeWitt, Todd Brink and Rhodena DeWitt on Monday at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. The DeWitt family is from Gate, OK and Brink is from Caledonia, Michigan. Brink was among those who brought hay and other supplies to Oklahoma following the Northwest Oklahoma Complex wildfires that began on March 6, 2017.


Partnership forms from 2017 Beaver County Wildfires

A friendship forged from wildfires

In five minutes – just a month after massive wildfires – a friendship was forged that will likely last a lifetime.
On Monday at the Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE), Troy DeWitt, an Oklahoma Panhandle ranch hand, and Todd Brink, a farmer and rancher from Michigan, acted as if they’d been friends since childhood.

The two partnered on a Maine-Anjou heifer that DeWitt’s 17-year-old son Tel was showing as a commercial heifer at OYE at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City.

The Northwest Oklahoma Complex wildfires began on March 6, 2017. The monstrous fires would burn for days across 318,025 acres in Oklahoma and 782,333 acres in Oklahoma and Kansas combined, according to Oklahoma Forestry Services.

Exactly a month later on April 6, a convoy of 21 semi-trailers and pick-up trailers left the Wayland Hopkins Livestock Auction in Wayland, Mich., headed west towards Knowles, Okla. to help ranchers whose farms and livestock were destroyed by the fires. Their intent, which they carried out, was to deliver hay, feed, milk replacer, fencing supplies, and clothing items to ranchers who were affected by the fires. Then they headed back home to complete the round-trip of about 2,300 miles.

Upon arriving in Knowles, DeWitt, who also serves as fire chief for the Gate Volunteer Fire Department, met and visited with Brink, who back home has a herd of cows with his father, grows row crops and works in a feedlot. The conversation spanned no more than five minutes.

"I never saw him again the rest of the time they were here," DeWitt said.

But that wildfire has ignited countless friendships through phone calls, emails and especially on Facebook.
DeWitt of Gate, Okla., and Brink of Caledonia, Mich., became friends on Facebook and one day the cowboy from Oklahoma noticed a post that caught his attention.

"Todd posted he had some show steers for sell and they looked good," DeWitt said. "I asked him if he had any heifers. He sent a picture and said, ‘She’s pretty good, but I think I know of another.’ He sent a picture of that heifer and then called me and said, ‘Do you want to partner on this heifer?’I said, ‘Sure.’"

DeWitt’s wife Rhodena posed a fair question, "Are you sure you know him? You’ve only met him once."

DeWitt said he couldn’t explain it. He just had a feeling, a feeling of trust.

"If someone drives nearly 2,300 miles to help out complete strangers, they’ve got to be good people," DeWitt said on Monday while standing in barn 4F at State Fair Park.
Then he turned and pointed at the heifer.

"Now, this heifer is part of a friendship that will last a lifetime," DeWitt said.
At the end of December, Brink brought the heifer to Gate. Then he called DeWitt a couple of weeks ago and said he along with fellow Michigan residents Charles Miller and his father Fred Miller, who drove with Brink last April, would be coming to OYE.

"I want to see all of the big shows," Brink said.
This one in particular, as Tel DeWitt shows the heifer.
Tel, a 17-year-old senior at Laverne High School, didn’t come to OYE a year ago because, as his father Troy says with emotion choking his words, "He chose to stay and help me after the fires."
Tel said the friendships formed with those from Michigan and other states following the fires is an example of good people who want to help others.
"If something happened to them tomorrow," Tel said as he nodded toward Brink, "I’d load up and head that way."




Darci and Katie in Nashville at Grand Ole Opry




Steve Perry Opens Time Capsule

Many locals interested in capsule find

In the capsule was old newspapers, information about Beaver County

Historical treasure



Beaver American Legion Post #149

the first Thursday of each month

at the Jones and Plummer Trail Museum

at 5:30 p.m. in the Calhoon Room


Nice crowd of folks that saw the 2015 Cow Chip Throw and got to participate when a chip would come apart and shower folks with the pieces Saturday, April 18, 2015 Drew Russell, son of Brock Russell of Beaver, set a new Men's Throw record.

Here is his toss Saturday, April 18, 2015

188 feet six inches

It was a record setting week at the 2015 Cimarron Territory Celebration, which ended Saturday evening with the 46th annual World Cow Chip Throwing Contest and demolition derby.

Huge crowds - including 300 or more people to watch the chip throw - were present at every event during the week.

"The celebration went very well," Chamber of Commerce president Brandon Porter said. "We were really pleased with everything from start to finish. We can’t express how much we appreciate our community for the support we get each and every year."

The 14-year-old men’s world chip toss record was broken Saturday by a BHS alum - Drew Russell, who tossed his chip 188 feet, 6 inches. The old record was 185-5. Last year’s champion - Jon Elfers of Beaver finished in second place, while James Pratt was third. Elfers threw his chip 150-11 and Pratt’s toss was 102-9.

And, for the seventh straight year, Teri Welty of Laverne won the women’s title. She threw the chip 100-1 and beat multi-time champ Dana Valentine Martin, who was second. Savannah Tillman, also a BHS alum, was third with a toss of 80-1.

In the VIP race, Liberal Mayor Joe Denoyer was first once again with a toss of 81-4 with State Representative Casey Murdock finishing second with a toss of 60-10.



Beaver County Sheriff's office rescue vehicle, It can be used to rescue someone injured at Beaver Dunes and then brought back and delivered to an ambulance. A Medlite Transport device to be installed in the vehicle was donated.
The vehicle was taken to the park and was able to travel all over the Dunes and is available to be used during a rescue. Friday, May 2, 2015.




   Place your